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From yesterday onward my WhatsApp isn't working. It crashes after every 5 second and does not allow even us to work on smartphone as a WhatsApp not working message pops up every time Fix this problem or else I may lose some of my important data as I last backup was of Jan 1 wow lol

I am okea with what's app 2 days I have some problems face in what's app when we are opening what's app get carsh and I can't use it well pls give me a solution it's argent Superb!

There should be required a feature in settings to manage voice and video calling feature turn on and off.. it's soo annoying while I'm doing any important works.. Surprisingly

Yesterday I updated WhatsApp in my redmi note 3... After that whenever I open whatsapp it says WhatsApp is not responding.. Please fix it. Not bad

Searching previous image location in group chat becoming difficult for me... Better u make direct path for reaching that location please ... Like as telegram app does Worth it!

It is my favorite apps . And easy to use . I love this apps but I want two more specification : 1. Show active friends 2. Add one more profile privacy that is only share with that friends . Brilliant

What'sapp isn't working properly after update and what's app management is not responding. Pretty good

I would like to have description for groups so that we can provide what does this group for. Great job

Overall it's a good app, but it's have some problem, that is whenever i click on “join group" it's shows “unable to connect". Please resolve it. Omg

Progrese bar in video disappears after playing, unable to play/ pause, forward seek/ reverse. Double to zoom in image is not available too. wow lol

its a good app for messaging.But I cannot see my status.While i open the status the app will be unfortunately stopping.Please fix this with new update.My phone is asus zenfone go zb500kl. Well done!!

I think you guys should put the emojis back to normal and the video calling is always lagging and always I can't hear and see the person well it always goes out pixel please fix it so the video calls are smooth and great again. THX☺ Must have

This app rolled out the feature of WhatsApp payments but I'm sad I haven't got an update yet! My phone is Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro Great!

Please fix this I wanna delete some messages but not just for me for everyone so I hate that the fact that the person needs to update their WhatsApp as well so can you fix so I could delete some messages wow lol

You people should make like a multi video chat like you video call every one in the group Omg

i want to jion your beta program.but unfortunately your program is you have alternative way to provide me beat version 5 star

When I send a video there is no sound working.but when I use in external player the sound is working.pls check to that. Well done!!

I observe from last few days i sent any message to my friends they did not receive my messages until they open their WhatsApp and checked it. After open the WhatsApp they receive all messages in bulk. I don't know why. Also if someone try to call me through WhatsApp i did not receive any call but i get only notification that is this person call me like missed call only. And same happen with my friends and family members too. Please fix it and let me know. Highly Recommend.

VERY GOOD:- This app makes me like staying in heaven whenever using this. Because of this only one app, I often uses phone always. I can get whatever I need for my life and also for my education purpose. This app been used as one of my main daily routine duties. Very very easy and comfortable to use this pretty lovable app. Very useful and must required for all humans in this world. NEED MORE DEVELOPMENTS:- 1. Pinning chats were limited only upto 3 only. Needs 2 or 3. 2. Images or videos downloaded were straightly gone to internal storage. Want them to be stored directly to SD card. 3. Examples which I want to choose from GIF's were not been as perfect as I want from. Just I want them according to Tamil cinema comedy GIF's. 4. Wanted some more editings like already being in Facebook which I want this may or may not to happen. Surprisingly

Add the block calls on whatsap buy allow that same person to message you.. can't you add that function? Some people just don't get that I don't want them to call me. I can block numbers and private numbers on my phone overall but they still get through with the whatsap.. block people from whatsap calling but still allowing them to whatsap message then it will be great!! Just wow

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