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It's the worst update ever. You ruin the WA. WA should be simple and effective, not like this. Please bring back the old WA. To many features, is bad for WA. Fantastic

I have stopped using text messages overall. However for important and official messages..text message is preferred due to spam messages in whatsapp reduces its value and importance of messaging. Thank you. Perfect!

I notice that images received and sent in chats (both personal and group chats), are gone without I delete them, esp when it fails to run Chat Backup operation. Can this be fixed? Perfect

All good but urgent help needed: My HTC allows me to merge sd card as internal storage... all the other major branded chat and business apps running smoothly fine like even fb messenger but this whatsapp doesnt allow me to ownload any sort of media i.e. pics. Vids. Or docs.. until my sd card is used as internal storage... kindly fix this with in a day or so.. as its a very small thinv i am asking and i know it.. i dont want my contacts to feel neglected when i wont be flexible to send or rcv media files with them over whatsapp for such a basic issue...will really appreciate your kind and humble response on this.. bless u! 5 star

Hi i want to recommend you for group management admin need to get approval from everyone whom added in the group. Further admin even need approval from user to remove from group if someone wrongly added and dont approved to leave group then with consent of 1/3 group members he must be delete from group. love it

You should improve the quality of files transferred sometimes if it's a large file, it will decrease the picture quality. It's very frustrating to me and my family. Good

Great product. Use it since the beginning. Great improvements as years went by. As suggestion for future development: flag the message you are sending as important. Sometimes messages get lost in a long conversation and the person does not see it. Not bad

I would like to use two different whats app account in the same dual sim device. Now this feature in not present. This will be very helpful to those who are having official and personal number in dual sim device. Upgrade the future if you can. Great job

App is great but Migrating from iOS to android is a nightmare. iOS backup uses icloud and android backup uses google drive. To make things worst whatsapp only allows you a number of tries on verifying your number before they block you for a few hours. So here i am already suffering trying to move my messages to android, here comes Whatsapp stopping me from trying. Perfect!

When we are reinstall this app it take time received message & also show message " waiting for this message". This is issue with your application. It is for end to end encryption but then also it should not come... Perfect

Since last 20 days having LED notification issue for both individual and group. Have raised with OnePlus and they have stated the issue is with whats app and not with OS... Recommend

Whatsapp have been doing so great for the past few years. My suggestions is if the bubble chat can have various of themes. Please make it happen. Worth it!

Why is this like when we send media it is being saved as 'audio' in our music list.. We have to listen all the audios just to find one... Amazing!

The new update has made forwarding all posts & copying own posts cumbersome. Please reverse these changes. Great!

One of the most popularly use messaging app and best for every sharing feature like any music photo file videos and also money for all time and every where Enjoy it!

I would line you guys to make an option editing status. You may find i wrote a certain status n my be only one spell is wrong. It needs me to delete the whole statu n write it again. Instead of this make edit optiom Marvelous

With this recent update. Where is the contacts section gone??? Sometimes we just scroll through contacts nd seem like we should message that person. but Now its gone. Have to search by typing a specific name. Nd how to write something in status?? It only allows piCtures to b taken Highly Recommend.

What's app is really a great application to communicate ... I've a suggestion .. The programmer can update this app with another feature like displaying our profile picture only to the desired contact and not to all the saved contacts on our phone... Thanks .. Fabulous!

Why the hell are you creating these many daily. You will remove options you add them again. Is it a child play or what Well done!!

Best app for communication!! It would be even more useful and better if we can get an option where we can see who all are online in whatsapp at a particular moment!! Just like we have in Facebook messenger.... If this update comes up then it would be great ☺️ Perfect!

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