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Status loading is worst on slow connections, please add new update to show status more clearly as it loads in Instagram. It might be called an animation but looks great and it will surely be liked by most of peoples. Thanks and please respond to feedback so I will give you more suggestions and feedbacks. love it

Why did you remove the Copy and Forward options from the top in the latest Andriod ver? Now we have to tap the 3 dotted menu to select copy/forward everytime which is annoying. Pls revert the settings. Marvelous

Best messaging app ever. Best audio call quality and best video call quality. I guess this is the only app which allows user to make an audio call even if the network fluctuation is too much the same is with the video call. This is must app that every user should have in his or her mobile. I would like to share one of my experience, I was out of station and was on roaming through out the day but whats app calling feature didn't make me feel that iam on roaming right now. The calls i made through this app were clear and without any lagging. Great work whats app team. Keep going this way Well done!!

This is good app in all sense except storage of chats/ group chats. Everything messes up when we mail. There should be some way to save the data as it is. Secondly it is very difficult to get previous data if you change mobiles. No virtual storage. Most often people loose their data. This is actually a mental disturbance. And now no forward icon in group chats. What do you people think? We need not forward group messages? Please look into it Worth it!

Whatsapp team, there's an issue in uploading the dp, sometimes ur default crop of image doesn't match with what we require, could u please let us decide out of the whole pic how much should be cropped and from where it must be. It would really be a good thing. Thanks! Great!

Hii there!, You all are doing a great job. It is better from before. I liked the new features and I am glad to have it. The status function is awesome but if there will also be group status it will be exquisite. Its acts like a link between the people and it has done a very good job in connecting lost friends. Thanks! Just wow

This is 1 of or the only messaging app i use daily. I dont really see any problems so far except for the calls because it's blocked in my country. I do have a few feedbacks:- 1) Please make an option to be able to upload a picture in its original quality. (2) Please allow emoji from other sources without changing it to whatsapp emoji (like samsung emoji for example) Works great

Ay, chihuahua!! Tlang a thing ding ro khi thlichhe chhem tluk nge chhiṭha chhem tluk... Haih um tengtere um, zapan theite khawmhma den, chengkawl chek, tangkawng nektai awrh sazupui bût bun. Khikuh khikuh varihawhaw kan zo tlang ram nuam chhawrpial run i iang e. Chhaktiang kawl eng zunzamah te khian...hmangaihna a uai ṭhuah ṭhuah. Hey there, i'm using Lifebuoy... ka peih tawh lo e. Tawk rih mai se. In ṭhian, Khengkunga of Blue_nais Lodge, Hmunkhawhar Damveng. A var a ṭawn, khuih pial. Muito bom!

This is a great app in almost all areas except these cases sometimes i'd like to delete sent messages before they be received by other contacts but it's not possible until the message be delivered. Another annoying limit is the 16MB file size limit for sending files wow lol

It seems updates are made to damage the good stuff. Now the app requires more memory than ever and all contacts are showning up as numbers rather than saved names. I am using Moto G4Plus Android 7.0 Should not release and update without testing it properly. :( Must have

What's should work on video calling it consumes more thats the video call experience is not good when we say hello the in front listens it after 10 to 15 secs later... only to his should be improved.. Works perfectly

After the recent update yesterday, i am not able to open my posted video stories. It seems as if it is crashing. I am able to check others stories but not mine. Please resolve it asap. Marvelous

Pls make it possible for media to be saved on SD card. The little internal memory in most phones runs off very fast and cause the phones' speed to slow down significantly due to whatsap media especially videos. Am really pained by this development, pls tow d path of U-tube on this and I'll give u 5 stars, tnx! Great job

After the latest update I am not recieving message untill I open my WhatsApp. The internet is on. But messages don't pop up neither do I get a notification if I have recieved a message if I don't open WhatsApp and check. Please fix this problem... Perfect!

Had an issue with group chat. In group chat when the whole chat is loaded at the same time. The messages are displayed according to the user but not sorted by time. This happens in few cases only when whole chat loads at the same time. Rectify this soon. Pretty good

Almost perfect in many ways for most, but lacking in a serious media sharing for many. Problem is when wanting to share a Blackvue dashcam video segment, whatsapp doesnt share that video segment, it reports "this video format is not recognised" when in fact after downloaded to my phone directly i can then share that same video segment. Its a glitch whaysapp never replies to multiple requests for a fix. Muito bom!

I asked for the feature to be able to send pdf and documents! You made that happen.! Thank you! Now I love it! I'm editing my review and I wanted to request WhatsApp one more thing. Please add a feature where we can upload mp3 in our stories/status even if it is only for 30 seconds or so. So that we can share with friends our current favourite songs. Highly Recommend.

This app really awesome for time to time changing user requirement options. And it will be more wonderful if you could add a option like block receiving all msgs for a particular day(like festivals msgs or other day msgs) although it's a time need. Where we find difficult to delete such a garbage msgs for particular day which acquire a lot of space to store in the phone. And we hope.. We will see this change to ur app very soon... Flawless

Quality needs to be improved but it's not bad. I'm not seeing the person I'm chatting with clearly as I would on other year plus since video calling has been launched. It works fantastic. conference calling and stickers next... Great!

Please put translation option in normal chat section & groups chat section, i mean if anybody chat other national guy who does not know your language and you also does not know his/her language then translator is very helpful for both people...i mean if i write any word, then automatically translation option should be visible front of chat receiver for any national in the world. Please do it as soon as possible Just wow

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