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Improve video calling quality duo is good .. make it implict intent to duo as a option Brilliant

I Like this app system like instagram and fb hav except this every thing is okk Well done!!

WhatsApp voice calls getting interrupted due to incoming cellular calls!Sort this issue as soon as possible Must have

Sometimes it shows "waiting for this message to receive" it's so irritating....And one more reason is that you never give a reply,,,worst app.. Great job

It would be great if the green color scheme is phased out for a white one to better reflect Android Oreo and the upcoming P design guidelines....other than that this is only great messaging tool :) Must have

There should be a feature that shows the people online altogether in one place. Then I'd give it a 5-star rating, Amazing!

Good very Good but please make a option for adding video to group profile please about 2 min videos Fabulous!

Nice but I have a idea. Release a new update with sending a msg with setting time. On that time the msg will be sended . Try to do Muito bom!

I think now WhatsApp on Android should be completely overhauled with some UI changes Marvelous

Good App for messaging but adding new features and updates slowing down the app and increasing RAM usage and CPU usage Not bad

Have always rated what's app a 5*, never had any problems but today it keeps closing and can't get into it. Have switched my phone on and off several times so the fault must be your end. Won't redo e my raring for a small hitch provisimg the issue is resolved very soon Must have

I think that a group tab and a previous authorization of who is for entering in a group is good updating. A group tab because is to easy to creating one and the chats tab be too confusing, so separating the chats and group will be awesome! In other hand, it's too simple to put my number in a group that I even have asked for and if want leave the admin have the power to put me back many times he want. Thus, a previous authorization, and the option to denied will be great Worth a go!

It works fine HOWEVER the recent update has caused my gear sport device unable to reply to the whatsapp messages. I believe it's not just me but others with smartwatches such as Gear S3 frontier also having the same problem. Help is much needed! - Ain Marvelous

Great app for sending text, voice/vedio calling via internet. However when i share a picture, the quality gets really bad. I know why they had to do that, but it would be nice to have a option to send full quality pictures. Also plz make a option for transparent text background because i wanna make my wallpaper a bit more visible. Omg

It is totally the best unique messaging app l have ever met. Since the upgrade it is now very advanced. The emojis are now unique . what really impressed me was the emojis no all l do is text my all my friends using emoji. If you thinking of installing it do so like right now. Am so in love with this app Good

App is very good hatsoff developers.But some updates required, please make option to see separate group list. And also please fix the issue, while using mobile data from a roaming sim, I couldn't backup my chat. Please solve these issues. Great!

Very good at noon end love lots like jelly tots program. the bullet and furious with a team of wat? m. Oooh ok I don't want dis jou party and furious with a very good at noon on Saturday. Ok sorry I didn't wanted to go back and the beast and woman who was die. Must have

I like everything in Whatapp and i want to add two things in whatapp.. 1) Wide range of Stickers as such in Hike but it should not be saved in phone memory as in hike.. 2) The download options of videos and photos in Whatapp has been set as auto download or self download.. Now what i expect you to do now is i want an option called auto download of photos and videos sent by specific person..(download videos sent by x or y that is auto download media by specific single person )..i hope you will do necessary... Marvelous

No matter how many messengers come with good features, whatsapp will always be clean simple and to the point. The Best. The latest update kind of takes away all this. This is the best messaging app so far and people would love it if it is kept simple and clean. The story/ status integration is not unique and lot of apps have that. The old status option was much better. Please increase the file sharing size limit Must have

WhatsApp is a great messenger App. As a WhatsApp user, I would like to suggest the following: 1. While adding anyone to the group, an approval should be given by the person who is being added to the group. Sometimes without your consent you are added to the irrelevant groups. It should be invitation based only. 2. In a group, Group administrator should have the right to control Images, Audio, Video messages for better conversation. people send unnecessary images to important groups. 3. There should be two type of administrator-Super Administrator and Normal administrator. One who can only invite new members. Another who can control media and other settings.  Works great

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