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1) There should be backup facilities for important messages, ( Similarly as images are stored in gallery.) We should be able to select messages and save in different folder so that, it can be reviewed, studied or can be printed in word or excell format. 2) Also in the gallery / image details, the name of the person should be reflected along with the date, time / number. I am facing one problem. 3) I have a broadcast list. In the previous message series broadcasted to this list, everybody was receiving messages. Now only few are receiving messages and other are showing only single tick mark. If message is send to individual, who is not receiving broadcast message , is receiving it. Please solve the problem. 4) Can there be an option to delete all the sent messages, keeping the original one...? If the message is broadcasted to 150 people, it is time consuming to delete specific / unwanted sent messages. If we select one sent message from the broadcast listed person's individual wall and delete it, all the same broadcasted messages should be deleted from senders mobile handset. love it

This is not Facebook or instagram. You have destroyed it. If we want to see status we use other apps. This is massaging app. You morons. Works great


You people are mad or what Daily changing the locations of options. One day it is here, next day it is in menu then it is back. BC decide kar lo ki kya kaha rakhna h. Pretty good

You have spoiled the look of the icon on android 8.0. Now it's all green like ios. What is wrong guys? Flawless

What if you have separated 'group' and 'personal' options in chat tabs? That'll be good. Great job

The application is really good but my only gripe is the fact that I can't disable the app from saving images and videos to my phone and if and the only way to disable it is with the ".nomedia" trick but they are still stored on my phones storage so if an option to disable them from saving unless I select it that would make it great! Worth it!

Seem like the new update causes me cannot reply from my Gear Sport.. Edit: installing the beta version solve this. Must have

Please include "you don't want to see status of". It's really irritating every one of the status pops up. It will be really great if there is an option of choosing person whose status I want to see rather than them showing us love it

Please give permission to group admin to remove any post, message, video in group. Great!

Eesy use aap and very good fiture .so like performance is very bettr.thank to aap Perfect

Must add a feature like chat with who does not have whatsapp or uninstalled whatsapp Great!

Quite good app. Love the way it works. It will be great if it includes chat heads like messenger. Highly Recommend.

Please make a option to add highlighted messages where you can pin messages so that everybody can see them (and make this admin only). Also please add a special notification that notifies you that the group description has been changed or that a new message has been pinned/unpinned that would be like a secondary buble with a number, next to the green one which indicates new messages in the app. Cool

Just love it but You have to add more features in whatsapp like ios style theme please ,all we want this ios theme in Android whatsapp...thanks alot Awesome

Hi Developer, Your App Is Very Super...! Please Add More Options Admin Control Settings, Group I Con And Group Subject Change And Select Members Only Messages Sending From Group, Group Members Send Is Wrong Messages, Delete For Everyone Option For Admin, And Time Set Auto Sending Messages Options, For Broadcast Groups...! Please Add This Options It's Very Useful And It's Very Helpful...! Thank You wow lol

Whats app could come up with some update which would allow wifi + 4G to run at the same time. (For audio and video calls). U gys being the biggest messaging group just have that single drawback. Would be really appreciative and a step up if this could be inculcated. Duo uses this sysyem currently resulting in zero lag of calls & connectivity. Hope u guys come along. Pretty good

To the team, everything is fine. And it's good that u r coming up with new things but seriously I would suggest take down Ur status story feature. It's too mainstream and not every app has to do it. Atleast I think u can just stay with messages and calls. Highly Recommend.

Still the best app for texting and sending multimedia messages to other Whatsapp users using data/WiFi without getting text/SMS charges. Long-distance phone calls to other Whatsapp users are free when using WiFi. There has been no performance issue. I am happy that it is ad-free and it should stay that way. Flawless

I am unable to see some status videos and pictures of my friends though my contact is saved in their mobiles Pretty good

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