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Nice but we want new changes.. I am joined beta version one I have small update in group admin remove group admin only not a person.. only he rights of admin remove..I want it's updated Not bad

Please whatsapp should have custom background feature in it... presently it has common background for all chat heads bt it would be great if it had custom background for individual chat head. Worth it!

سلام نظر من واتساپ بهتر از تلگرام است Awesome

Whatsapp Messenger is Best ! Love It ! Suggestions:-Make Status Available to All,No matter they are in Contact list or not. Omg

combine whatsapp and whatsapp business... i think it will be better than seprated app. Thank you Works great

Please make facility to make call to the number received from friends without saving them to contact list. Whenever I receive any number from my friend and I want to call that number then I have to save the number then only I am able to make call. Marvelous

Can WhatsApp create a small storage for everyone to save some documents,cause after few month very hard to find .tks Recommend

Whatsapp Messenger is Best ! Love It ! Suggestions:-Make Status Available to All,No matter He is in Contact list or not. Superb!

I woke up this morning and when I opened WhatsApp, I saw a message saying that this version of WhatsApp has become obsolete on 13 Jan 2018. I went to play store and there was no option of updating the app, then I uninstalled it and reinstalled it but nothing happened. Tell me what should i do? Pretty good

Everything is fine.. but think if it was the option of it's applock it would have been much safer.. Fabulous!

Whatsapp is simply the best of Social Messaging , well built user interface anyone can use, Keep up the good work Whatsapp Team 5 *️⃣*️⃣*️⃣*️⃣*️⃣ 5 star

Thanks for accepting my previous suggestion.i have two more suggestions. 1.give group admin to the permission to delete any messages that sent to the group. 2.dont show any trace of the deleted messgaes to any one in the case of personal the case of group chat it is needed wow lol

UPDATED: ★★ PROS: 1. Still cool & one of the best cross platform based Messenger Services. 2. Stable, fast, & reliable App. 3. Various types of files for attachment. ☆☆ CONS: 1. Lack of Privacy, No Password/PIN Protection for the App., 2. No retracted or self-destructive message, just like in Telegram that can be set for 1 sec up to 1 week (if not updated). # Thank You for this lovely and keep-updated App. Hope various features will be continuously developed. Works perfectly

We should get to receive SMS on WhatsApp, like you guys did with FB messenger. I prefer this app and I think most people think so too. Besides it would make Americans use it more for instance. And it would be cool if we could make phone calls with our Sim card by WhatsApp and replace our default phone app. It would make things easier. ALL IN ONE! Omg

I am unable to use WhatsApp it is showing to update but nothing is happening after visiting playstore. Works great

Whatsapp's a great messaging app that many people use. And more often than not, we are added into groups for whatever the reason. Can you guys separate the messages into two distinct groups, namely groups and individual contacts? I find it increasingly annoying that I have to scroll up and down looking for a certain group. Hopefully it isn't too hard to do, and I'm sure I won't be the only one who appreciates this. Thanks in advance. Great!

I use only whatsapp for all my messaging but I Am getting added to a lot of unwanted groups by d ppl not in my contacts list so can you come up with an update where I am asked permission before being added in any group. Would be really grateful Enjoy it!

This is one of the very few apps that have managed to stay bug free,right from the start. No problems in user-friendliness, no issues,no bugs. No need of SMS integration, themes, stickers and what not! WhatsApp's simplicity is what makes it remarkable. Don't add any new feature. Just give the ability to call over data and you've done it! Cool

1. User should be allowed to send more than 10 pics. Reason more than 10 pics can b shared from within WA then y using gallery it's not allowed. 2. While forwarding pics it should b shown that how much time is left for each pic to be sent. 3. WA Web should have the feature of 1 to many groups or individuals for sending messages or any other information. 4. Automatic download to phone feature should be removed in Android. In iphone automatic download doesn't works which is gud. 5. Status per person should b allowed to set. In other words either a user can select 1 status shown to all and different status to different PPL. Good

Not able to delete WhatsApp contact from my cell. It is a very bad feature of whatsapp. There should be add a feature from that we able to delete/edit WhatsApp contact. Reminder 1: still no improvement. I think admin never see the review. Awesome

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