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Best way to stay in touch with friends and share pics and location.

It would be nice if we could backup the conversation into html web pages or pdf files. Also would be nicer if we could add another admin in group setting. u

I find the application very useful to stay in touch with family and friends.

Needs move to SD and some way to add contacts without phone numbers.

Very addictive runs smooth on my Samsung galaxy s.

I love whatsapp but the latest update totally messed everything up.

Best messaging app with awesome understanding of our messaging needs.

#talk-to-my-friends Amazing app! Amazing messaging service, one of the best out there! I highly recommend this app for messaging friends its great for group chats and file sharing.

group moderator authority! please have a moderator status for the created group. and make sure only moderator holds the authority on changing group name and logo. Please as well enable sending other formats file like .pdf .doc and etc. Other than that Whatsapp is a great app.must have app on all smart phone..keep it up whatsapp team.. Recommend to install WhatsApp Messenger APK.

Great! Overall is great.. I have any ideas to make WhatsApp perfectly.. 1. I hope next time WhatsApp can share not only multimedia file but all extension of file. 2. Please add moderator on group. 3. Add an animated smiley like anicon on ChatOn. 4. Can make a voice call or just walkie talkie. 5. Can make a video call.. Recommend to install WhatsApp Messenger APK.

Nexus 7! Love Whatsapp, been using it for quite a while. Just got myself a Nexus 7, why am I not allowed to install Whatsapp on it? Anyway, got the APK and it works perfectly, would just prefer to install it off the store.. Recommend to get WhatsApp Messenger APK.

#communication-app Nivek trebbih! Great app love it i wont complain it do what it say it would do help me to stay in touch with friends all over love whatsapp 5 stars for you........

Nexus! With new update it automatically starts downloading the received photos,, which is not t all desirable.. it should be like before only that after we click download then onl it should start download.. pls make this change it will be extremely helpful..

Great app! I installed it more than a year ago and I remember it clearly said it's free for the first year only. Don't know what you guys are whining about but it's probably your fault you haven't read the description. Plus, it only $1/year ffs!

Messages! Great app! But there a few issues that need fixing. For some reason when on wifi, the service does not work consistently. Also, i noticed that the recieved check comes up before the message has been read. If these issues are fixed.. I would give it 5 stars.

#video-chat Shruthi.! Guys i've another issue now.....vedio sent via iphone is not playing....wud u mind fixin dis...????plzzzzz

#sending-files This app is really good. Espically when i dont have any credit i can ...! This app is really good. Espically when i dont have any credit i can just text my friends off whatsapp!;D

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