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Awaiting for Voice calls Over Internet from Whats App Once done will give u 4 stars.. After done with vedio calls, I will give u 5/5 ;)

Only 2 problems 1st When we have a look at our favourites whatsapp contacts and gets back ,it takes us to the recent messages .. 2nd please enable different sizes for profile picture..

Gd bt not upto d mark aftr d update. I have 1gb ram and have 4.4.2 Kitkat android version and i m facing too much of lags during scrolling up and down in whatsapp frnds row. Plzz fix it thn i will give ya 5stars. Thanks in advance

For samsung galaxy grand phone It always need so much space to update it?! Everytime when I want to update then the phone will shows insufficient storage available!!!

moveable expression functionality not present as one of chatting application supports movable smilies why whats up is not supporting that feature so I would request u to add this feature in ur next release

Best in Market but need to improve. There is no doubt that Whatsapp is the best! Many improvements already done.One enhancenent I would like to have that is Group request. Auto addition in group is not good. One should send join group request rather than auto addition.

Sluggish performance (as at 21 July 2014) Awesome communication app! But recent updates have affected its performance. Opening chats takes time and it doesn't feel as smooth as before. Not sure why but it's become sluggish. Please fix this!

Issue Issue with last seen. The last seen option, if u select the hide last seen option the app let's no one see your last seen but you as well cannot see anyone's last seen. Can that be fixed please. I know it's a bit much on privacy setting part but still rather have that function as the iOS. Thanks.

Vibration Notification should only vibrate in silent mode and not in general mode. Everything doesnt vibrate except for whatsapp. Please fix and ill give 5 stars. Sent from my samsung galaxy ace 2

couldn't find anything better trust me.. this is the best online messenger app available.. and its getting better and better with every update.. the new voice messaging option is awesome, fun and easy to use.. hats off..

Great Work !! A good job with the updates. Keep em coming. WhatsApp is the best there is, all others are cheap knock-offs.

Amazing app Amazing app!! It's so useful. Great updates. Can you please add the ability to have some sort of a news feeds (like when someone changes his status or display pic)...this will be also great

Awsome software I luvd it and I'm totally addicted to it.. Cant stay away from it atleast for an hour.. Best software to keep in touch wid ur besties on d go.. Just need to ping it to live a complete friendly life...

Excellent App. This app is so much better than SMS messaging what with, e.g. the ability to send multiple photo attachments at no cost for the first year of use and then only $0.99 per annum thereafter. Also, you can see when it has arrived on the recipient's phone and even when they're typing a reply to you. I see some people complaining about the app, but don't honestly know what they have to complain about.

Great app and does it's job most of the time Works very well but recently my messages have taken longer for the other person to receive. It used to be instant but now it can take minutes or 2 hours even when I have a strong connection and they do to. Not sure why but otherwise a great and useful app

Broadcast List-Not able to send messages,pics etc. Requesting WhatsApp team to allow forwarding messages, pics and videos to Broadcast List, as possible for Group and Individual contacts…because sending messages etc. to Broadcast members works like bcc option in email…. In my earlier feedback, certain issues have been resolved.. Thanks.. have been requesting for this feature for quite some time, but that’s not happening…Pls consider this option in your next update..

Delayed delivery of messages. It is a great app. However, like others I do find that my messages take forever to be delivered and sometimes it doesn't tell me when I have receieved a message unless I open the chat. This is rather irritating as it never used to do this before. Kindly fix it! -.-" This has been going on for a fair few months now. Great app though!

Fix please Used to be a awsome app, but recently I have had issues sending messages, sometimes it would send through when I sent it, other times it took from 10 minutes to 2 hours to send through. Both my phones have this issue, Samsung Galaxy S4 and BlackBerry Z10

Nice App. But not like in iPhone. This is a great app for communication but the wrong thing in Android is that if we download pictures to see it, it automatically gets downloaded to galary. (even if autosaved to galary id turned off). Which should not be there like iOS.

The app is great. I downloaded it years before then I had to uninstall it for a reason. When I tried to download it again now, it says "Unable to connect. Please try again later". And it's not letting me use the app

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