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Recently shifted to an Android phone and found Android version has lesser features than Windows Mobile. 1. I could directly go into the group or personal chat directly from home screen of mobile without logging in to the WhatsApp by using the option Pin the chat to home screen. In android version, chats only can be pinned to the top in whatsapp. Widget option di not show notifications, separately. 2. Finding a Broadcast is also pathetic in Android rather than Windows Mobile. 3. Process of 'Mark as Read' option is also has longer process than Windows Mobile. Fabulous!

I love the app. But, i have one major thing that i would like to have in the app. Being a former iphone user, i was used to swiping messages to the left to check if people have read them. Now, i have to select the message and press the "i" icon. It's very annoying. Maybe you can bring this feature to the android version as well? Same for the "reply" feature. I want to just swipe the messages. It's way easier. Thank you. Good

I love the android and ios application but whatsapp should update its windows application and should increase some functionality like voice call, video call, group call. For reference include features which are available on "Discord". So we don't need to use any other applications for windows. love it

It's a very good app for anyone to send msgs media etc., This app is updating with the time as well, it will be good if this app develops as payment option like paytm bcz many ppl use what's app for regular communication. Ppl stop using paytm if what's app maintain its own way of payment options Works perfectly

Actually i want the .... the emojis should be motionfull it creates some what attractive look ... moreover the message reading ... is to difficult some times ....and the gif are good .... but some times not clear so plz improve... And last but not the least the quality of calling in very very very poor .... I'm unable to listen to the person being called and ... the same with video call as well ... Plz work upon it Rest for chatting it is cool wow lol

Getting "Waiting for WiFi connection" for auto backup a few days already while connected to data and wifi on the phone. Annoying message! How to get rid of? I did turned back up on wifi and cellular on..... Great!

All the setting related to notification control was working fine until my phone got upgraded to Android O, but after updating it to Android O, notification settings doesn't seem to work. Whenever I set as low priority for the notification in the phone settings, it gets automatically changed to high priority for the next incoming message. This happens only with watsapp and all the other apps work fine. Could you look into this asap and fix it? Cool

I didn't liked the new status feature of this app. I even can't see d status nd profile pictures of all my contacts at a time as it used to be earlier. Disappointed with the new status update feature. Rest all is good. Plz change it to earlier one. Perfect!

One of the best if not the best app for communication... And if I have data it does not consume it all too quickly..... Please fix the bug when I make video calls or voice calls and the sound of the other person's voice is cracking up Superb!

Why are giving updates , every week it has update , when I see what's new in play store it always says the same:• You can once again set a text-only update in your profile and it's called About. Tap Settings and then your profile name to edit it. Thanks for the feedback! • Search for the perfect animated GIF right from within WhatsApp. Tap the emoji button in a chat and then tap GIF at the bottom of the emoji panel to get started. This features are already in WhatsApp from last year , then why writing all these stuff in what's new section. If it says minor bug fixes and improvements , then it will feel better , rather saying about all the old features again and again in what's new in update. Fantastic

I loved this app very much. This app help me to keep touch with my frnds away from me. I never used such type of app. But if video calling is there then it will be superb again Omg

No me gustan los colores muy sobrios y menos para apps de este tipo. Me gusta que hayan aplicado material design pero cambiaría el color por otro más llamativo o le daría la opción al usuario de cambiarlo, como plus. Surprisingly

I am using a Lg g5 and wen I get video calls my camera keep showing me dark light like if color saturation keeps dimming works find on everything just whatsapp please fix Flawless

Please add an option to pin group chats at the bottom of chats or keep a different tab for group chats. They are really annoying. Not bad

Apart from the fact you need internet to use it, its an amazing way to communicate to anyone seperate or in a group chat anywhere around world, whether with messages or images/vids or even calling:) Works great

I have seen nice inprovements lately. Pet peeve: muted chats contribute to the "missed notification" count in the badge overlay. They shouldn't. Muito bom!

Latest update sucks. Whats up with story mode 24 hour's visibility? I don't want to be notified everytime anyone change their status or photos. Story mode is good concept but Old Whatsapp was way better than this. Just bring back old status update. Pretty good

We would like if this app can provide us offline and online options just like facebook......cause we can skip receiving messages if we don't want to receive messages for some time.... Well done!!

Please give the update version as the one end person should see the opposite persons current location. Please give this update individually and as well as in group too Please consider this and give us updated version for this Thank you Worth it!

You need to make WhatsApp a dual sim program. If you don't do this, some one will beat you to the game. The demand for dual sim program is high...find out Awesome

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