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Hello i was loving whatsapp but from the time i started using hike i dont use whtsapp more i love hike because of its hide chat option if you too use that type of security then i will definitely come back to whatsapp. I will be waiting for your reply thnx Awesome

Working good but the main problem is that this app consumes a lot of space of device which make the device very slow.about 500 mb storage consumes by this app. It's very bad experience to me Not a good built configuration, disappointed me. Flawless

I have been using this app since 2011 and I'm in love with it. When I started using it was mainly for personal chats and gradually many groups started coming in. There are ex colleague, college friends, school friends, society group, school group for my kid, mommy group and so on... Since the number of groups are growing, can you come up with a feature where one can see personal and group chats under different tabs? Thank you Muito bom!

I have a problem with this app since a few days. When there is an incoming message there is always a drop down from top indicating the messages. I changed the settings to medium and low on notifications. The status changes automatically and the drop down continues. its very disturbing when you are doing something else on Mobile... Marvelous

Once you download this app ypu will NEVER used any other messege option again! can send messages and multiple picture in seconds...not can make videos and send voice messages to people in seconds. My life wouod be chaos without this app. Cant believe so many people still dint know about this app. Its even better if you use it for business. Works great

I am mostly disgusted by long texts in a post. Is it possible to come out with a feature that can be used to collapse a long text to something small? Currently, you already have a similar one that automatically collapse long messages into _read more_. But what i am asking is a conscious effort to collapse long texts. Good

The features here are good though you need to add more features in securing a person from being added to unwanted groups. First ask the admin to send a request to be added into a group then if the person accepts the request ,then only he/she can be added to the group and fix bugs while making video calls and audio calls via VoLTE. Perfect!

I have a suggestion for improving group chats. We don't really like getting added in various groups and often end up muting that group for life. So whenever people try to add people in the group they should get an invite which they are free to accept or deny. Works perfectly

I don't like it that the messages won't send and I have good Internet, and the check marks don't turn blue anymore. Its also very annoying how the message content pops up where everyone can read them. Amazing!

This app was all good and real fun then came the new update this morning. Not at all good. The old status was far better than this new. I would have given 5 stars if this new function was not here. If possible please remove it. Cool

It s the most wonderful app ever! You should add a new emoji (not the woman doing that, bun an actual emoji like Omg

Okay WhatsApp is all good but can you add conference calling on voice and video calls? There's just one missing thing in this and i hope we'll get it sooner from next several update :) Recommend

Useful app.. Its a part of mylife. It helps to conncet many frnds nd relative... It has many new features nd emojis to show our emotions, nd status is also a good feature. Modify some status function like it should be like or comment option show on publicly.. Enjoy it!

This app is nice but you can add more fitures like A word or a type of sentences are written by chatter so a word or type of sentences which match with song And next you can add snap chat camera And you can add a dubsmash or musically app fitures also this is my suggestion to improve more thanks Great job

tolong bug pada history di perbaiki karna sering sekali vidionua delay tidak sikron antara vidio di gambar dengan audionya dan tolong semoga histroynya bisa di tambakan waktu lagi semisal 40 detik atau 50 detik Go well

Video chat mai kaafi problem hota hai Kuch bhi achhe se nahi ho pata Naahi achhe se voice sun pate hai, Aur naahi video ka quality achha rehta hai So plzzz help my problem Pretty good

whatsapp did not notify me if i get a messge .. I need to open the app before receiving.. Sometime i only see someone chat coming 30 minute after my friend send it to me its annoying love it

1. I recommend u to Provide online symbol to every chat like who is online nd who is offline 2. When i opted for lastseen privacy Then only my lastseen cannot seen by others But i can see the others lastseen who is not opted privacy Please give update like that It will defenetly loves by all 5 star

It's best apps ever in my life. More than 1 billion users are using this apps everyday. Well done team. Great apps with extraordinary features. Mostly I liked non advertising policy of WhatsApp. Keep it up. One drawback i found If we want to forward any message. We need to select one by one contacts or group which is time consuming. If we could have feature like forward message we can select multiple contacts and group at the same time. That would be great . That's fixed. Thank you team Great job

Great app connecting borderless contacts. No app can be compared to its features. My favourite app. I recommend this app for social groups, share any thing from anywhere with security that to with out any cost. Great job by developers.. hat's off. No words suite to express it's greatness Perfect

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