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Please Update Permanent Self Exit From Unwanted WhattsApp Group ASAP 1. Add The Option For Sharing The Status Media Files & Saving The Status Media Files ASAP Good

Option for user to choose quality of images and videos shared would be great. The compression ratio is really high and images and video poor. 2nd option would be to allow user the option for video call quality Brilliant

Sir please increase whats app group membership please sir..!! You provide only 256 membership in whats app group but we have add more than 1000 members. So please sir provide me that option. Please include the option. Some persons are going to other apps for that features. wow lol

I find dat sometimes wen u writing a text it pausing like first time dis happening to me on WhatsApp Must have

It's one of the best apps I am using but I want you to improve on d online status of all contacts. To always show online status whenever one is online as it is done on Facebook. Thanx Fabulous!

Everything is fine but,having no option to put individual wallpaper for individual chats seem to be a shortcoming. Since other messengers offer that feature and most used whatsapp doesn't. Pretty good

I am not able to download the new version of whatsapp will u plz help me n suggest how to download it. Amazing!

WhatsApp should have their own group.. Because some people did not get massage or jokes because they did not have any group Worth a go!

Dear whats app developer.....need to give a security update for asking permission before added into a group by someone.....its much better...!!!

Please fix whatsapp because its saying that whatsapp is temporary unavailable please update it now so that i can use it

Kindly upgrade your app on iOS l. Like when we delete any media from WhatsApp using delete for everyone option the downloaded media from the reciever phone is also deleted on android. But the downloaded media from iOS device is not deleted. Kindly resolve the issue ASAP Works perfectly

Why don't you add a new feature that I can type a message and select the time it'll be sent. Like if its 7 am and I want to send a message at 12 pm I'll just type the message select the time and when it reachs 12 pm the message will be sent automatically. If you add this feature I'll give 5 stars. I really really really need it because im almost busy all the time and forget to send a lot off messages. Come on pleeeeeaaaase add this feature ☝️ Great!

1. Admin of a Whatsapp group should be able to delete any post posted by ordinary group members which he/she deems unsuitable for the group. 2. Under chats introduce another floating icon next to the contacts floating icon. This new icon should be an option to add more pinned chats to the current standard 3. However The extra pinned chats should only be visible and accessible when one presses this extra pinned chats icon, just like one can view contacts only by pressing the contacts icon. Otherwise when unpressed the extra pinned chats icon should only show a figure showing how many other chats are pinned therein. 3. Also Please consider throwing in the undo button, ms word style, in your future updates. Imagine editing a very long message which has taken many minutes to compose then mistakenly cut out some text and you'd have to start all over again ... Omg

Sumsung S2 - 4.0.3 Move to sd please .. and showing a picture sent from a friend on other friends .. also there image profile .. please fix this problem .. Fabulous!

Was a wonderful way to text, call and video chat. Excellent free app too. However, it seems that after a major update, the calling is spotty. Sometimes the other line cannot hear me or I cannot hear them. I don't know what happened but Whatsapp is only good for sending messages and the like. Not so much for calling or video chatting anymore. It would be great if that could be fixed. Omg

It's an amazing chatting app that allows you to chat with people with different area codes. And it lets me talk with family and friends that are in different countries without charge! (Unless you use your data) but anyways great app. Muito bom!

Thank you for fixing the low volume (low mic gain) bug on the Pixel 2 XL! Audio messages were being recorded from the bottom mic, now switched to using the top mic. The issue seems to be resolved! I can start sending audio messages again! Thank you Omg

Please remove the status adding option it's not proper thing,now how people constantly post what are they doing? Because of your business strategy you planned it to make it similar to Instagram and Facebook. Now understand you should only plan to make it 1:1,1:many interaction. Or any file sharing purpose. Fantastic

Whatsapp is widely used now.. Sharing plenty of images at a time is very user friendly. But the receiver when views and returns back to reply, the first thumbnail gets cached up on the chat window which is highly annoying. Please fix this bug. Brilliant

Why can't whatsapp store messages and media on SD card. If there is some problem then it means that you have not hired good engineers. Please hire some good engineers and make this happen. I am myself a software engineer and have worked in companies like Cisco Systems, etc. and I know that nothing is impossible in the software world. Muito bom!

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