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With this stupid status update. I'm now getting status updates for people I've deleted. Just random numbers and their status updates, just because they still have my number doesn't mean I care to we them in my updates that's y I originally deleted them. How can I fix this????? Worth it!

Lovely features. We are wanting new best features. But whatsapp me 1 song pura status me dene ki features ho to achha hoga q ki 30 secs 30 secs kark song whatsapp dene me problem hoti hain.1 gaana 1 bar me whatsapp mein status me deniki features laiyee please please please please please please please please please please please Aisa kya new aaya hein yahaan Omg

Video calling- The bit rate seems low, the quality is not good Stickers- The stickers implementation is not good, using a sticker keyboard only results in sending a photo of the sticker, the facebook messenger does a better job at this. Rest is just great. love it

Most useless update about status update. Not able to update text in status. If i want to notify everyone about my status, I'll go to the pathetic website called Facebook. Keep the originality of WhatsApp intact. Works great

Whatsapp will be Great app with following features updates:~ 1: Audio msg should be as recording features unlike long press n release to send. 2: Adding to unknown groups must ask user's permission. 3: Invisible mode is highly needed Well done!!

APP TO SDCARD. Please add the ability to be able to move the App to the SDcard. Also, please have an option to allow chat to be save automatically into the sdcard instead of the phone memory in real time (p.s. i know about google drive). Some chat history are very important. Chats/GroupChats take a lot of internal phone memory. Is there anyway you can make chats (text, media, etc) to be save into the sdcard instead of the phone memory? .. And allow chat to be save from sdcard to google drive. Thank U. Marvelous

single complaint: russians get more emojis; idk why, but they get one with a hand covering the mouth in laughter, a shock/surprised one with a mushroom cloud over its head, and one with a monocle. Not Fair lol Muito bom!

Please Update Group Pinned Massage Because Some groups rules are strictly And admin send rules Persnolly if u what's app So Admin work simple He pinned Group rules massage.. Thank you Not bad

It'd be nice if the app has themes, or at least a night mode so it could have more variety about the style and not only having the option to change chat's wallpaper. Awesome

It is almost replaced SMS. It needs improvement in voice and video calls. Now life is not so easy without WhatsApp. Recommend

All are good, but my notification didn't came out.. Why? Even, I'm not mute it.. Pls fixed it asap.. Or else will uninstalled it n using other apps only to replacing it.. Tq.. ✌ Cool

I do not have sound on my Google Pixel when I video call someone. They can hear me but I can't hear them. When I'm called it's OK and no problem at all with just voice. Superb!

This version is not computable with moto g2 . When I open WhatsApp then it automatically closed and display a message "unfortunately WhatsApp as stopped working. Highly Recommend.

Hey! Is the reply to texts option in the notifications removed? Like, we could reply to any person through the notification only instead of opening the msg in the app? Just wow

Everything is great about Whatsapp, it has saved a lot of people huge phone bills. However, why not delete for everyone, be forever? I think one other popular app already has it. Flawless

One serious problem need to be resolved. While sharing msgs n videos, the app pops n allows those users or group which hv been archived. This results into unknowing sharing with such unwanted groups or people. 5 star

When we want to send image with caption, everytime we need to copy paste that text with image. If we forward it directly, only image will get send but no caption. So please add this feature. Perfect

I think you've done a great job with this world best messenger app. But there's room for further improvement. HOW ABOUT HAVING REACTION BUTTONS FOR STATUS UPDATES? So after viewing a friend's status update, i could like, love or even thumbs up it. Surprisingly

As your motto :simple , secure and... hmm I forget the last. Smooth, pretty cool, useless, I mean use less data :) Perfect!

Hello whatsapp. The best app. But please can you put some stickers to that. Not only emojis and gifs but also please put some stickers. If you can put some sticker packs, we can download it..... pleaseeeeee. Great!

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