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The updated version of smiley's r worst... Please restore back with d old version... With this new update I never feel like sending one, nd it makes me feel irritated Fabulous!

If there can be an option to "not be added" in groups without our knowledge. It is annoying to be added without our consent. Kindly look into this matter. Thank you. Recommend

It is very helpful application for me because we can message to each other very easy but I think there should be a option that A admin can remove any unwanted messages from the group which are not suitable for that group I request to you please add this option for us that will make the this application more best then others Amazing!

New update suck's.. don't know y doing so much experiments... had kept contact search on the bottom that irritates on the times.. 5 star

Great... I have no problems with it. I don't know what ppl are saying about not being able to see who reads your message in a group chat. I can surely see that. It's great I have no complaints so far Great job

After todays latest update.. All my watsapp contacts are only in numbers.. Names not getting reflected.. I tried all possible faq n help points still its only contact numbers and no names please reply at earliest Awesome

M not able to open my WhatsApp idk y its showing to update. Its telling tht this version of what app became obsolete on Jan 13-2018.. Pls go to Google play store to download the latest version Omg

Amazing app to get connect to our friends and family ...just missing one features that is If a person is online should be seen green online icon in front of the user like fb chat . I hope whatsapp will work on this feature and make it available soon ✌️ Works great

Sometimes Red button to hang up either dialing or in progress call doesn't work in my note 3 phone. I have to restart the phone all the way through in order to get off the call. Could you please fix this please?? Perfect

If u edit a status video it then lags and the lips and words don't match, u end up with a stagnant clip towards the end. Other than that luv the App. Superb!

Worst update ever.... No need to copy snapchat... WhatsApp has its own perks, it is irreplaceable for the thing it is being used. Marvelous

Just two important features are missing... 1. There's no direct way to find who have seen my message while in a group like we can see in Facebook messenger... And 2. Video calling... Hope that feature will be available to us in next update... Please fix the first issue and I'm ready to rate 5 starts cuz this is only social app I use in my smartphone... Best of Luck... Worth a go!

please help me.. i am having trouble changing my # it always shows that it could not send the verification sms even though its a correct information i am entering Pretty good

One thing that frustrates me most is when i was sending like photos for example .. it was good quality before until whatsapp messed up the quality... pls fix it Good

I've been using Whatsapp for years..when BBM messenger was the new in thing..I had WhatsApp and telling everyone about it....and I will continue using it.. The best messenger by far Omg

Its been great using it. But recently, the launcher icon in my phone's homescreen keeps disappearing, and I have to go through my playstore to open the app. I have no idea why. I have to keep backing up my chats, uninstall the app, reinstall to fix the problem. Its getting quite annoying. Hope somehow this gets fixed soon (unless its only me that has this problem). Enjoy it!

Okay I don't know you the WhatsApp team will actually read my review but I just gonna leave it here.. In chat ( daily ) backup there's no option to select specific time for the backup,it automatically backup at 2AM Nigeria time..if you've been in Nigeria before you will know 2AM is when everyone is at sleep and there's no way anyone will leave it's data on.. please look into it. Go well

1stly : I need an option of knowing who all are online how we have on fb and messenger by green dot highlight. 2ndly : when ever any new version is update please give us the detail of what update is it I mean what have been changed or added. 3rdly : In status video time should be increase as it's very less which is of no use til now. It's waste till the time...time frame is not increase . Lastly : WhatsApp has made the world close and life easy. Thank you so much for the app. Fantastic

Everything is fine... Great job guys.. But when you introduce a new feature something like GIF, please make sure that it doesn't get saved in our memory... Nobody would want to save a GIF in their memory.. It's of no use... It's only good for a spontaneous joke and most us don't want it saved in our gallery Works perfectly

Great! Came up with payment option but here my question is how can I pay someone who is not in my contact list? Will there be any further updates such as scan option to pay in upcoming future? Since it will be very difficult to share WhatsApp number to Everyone. Thanks alot for the payment option. Great job

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