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Everything is okay but everytime i share video on stories.. They didn't play it fully. The video was makes my video became a low key vid. I don't like it. I hope whatsapp application can upgrade on stories more. Pardon my bad english but my problem are more important. Please take note. Thank you. Fantastic

I really like using WhatsApp but recently there's this problem... Even tough i saved the contacts.. their name won't appear.. it's still appear as numbers.. but when you check status you can see their names.. can you please fix this asap? At first it was just one or two contacts that's like this.. but now it's all of them.. Flawless

Overall a great app, used every day to communicate with people across all devices. However I have one massive issue which will stop me from giving 5* - automatically saving media you receive. On iPhone you can simply turn the feature on or off. My phone is being clogged up by pictures I receive in group chats etc. and the only suggestion whatsapp have is to add a .nomedia file to your WhatsApp media folder to stop them showing in your gallery. However it does not stop your phone from saving the photos and so they still take up memory. Amazing!

I wish to save the entire conversation that I had with some important people in my life, as a file, doc or pdf file or something like that. It would be a huge plus if we get to save these individual chats as a file that can be kept in hard drive or some other device safely, for life. I don't want it to be encrypted, it should be in a format that could be viewed from any computer. The email option is not that good. I want to save the entire conversation as it is, along with all the media files. Kindly help me with the same, I don't want to lose these conversations, as I have already lost the person and not this is the only thing I have left ho that person. Please help. Omg

Just two important features are missing...... 1. There's no direct way to find who have seen my message while in a group like we can see in Facebook massage.... And 2. Video calling... hope that feature will be available to us in next update..... please fix the first issue and I'm ready to rate 4 started cuz this is only social app I use in my smartphone.... Best of luck.... Recommend

I have 2 concerns about what'sapp. 1. While creating group, admin has only one power to add or remove people. Admin should have all the authority i.e, changing group profile pic, name, adding and removing. 2. WhatsApp can send limited length/memory containing videos or files only. It should be increased like "TELEGRAM". Great job

While using Web WhatsApp via Google Chrome, the scroller to browse contact list is hard to use because of it is too thin in size. The width of scroll bar should be increased. Or another way, it will be more convenient to scroll by pressing "Down Arrow Key" from keyboard while already selected a contact by mouse. Hopefully developer team will notice this feedback and will do needful at the earliest. Enjoy it!

This App is one of the best anyone can rely on when it comes to voice or video calls. But it has a moment of madness sometimes when you least expected and a msg will pup out from no were while trying to log, in instructing you that : "This App is not working" Report or ok ? That's the greatest madness of this App. Just wow

Excellent app.. but after the last update... alot of contacts already added in my phonebook have started showong up as numbers only and their names have disappeared in whatsapp. Plus the option to add them as contacts does not show. Works great

Hi. Just a recommendation - Could you introduce colour themes in WhatsApp please? As of now, for android, it is dark green. If you could introduce something so that user can customize the appearance (not wallpaper, but entire UI), I believe that would be cool! ☺️ Perfect!

I would really like to be able to manage more than one WhatsApp account in one device. This way when I go out without my tablet (which has a SIM) I could still use that account. WhatsApp web doesn't work well in mobile browser for this scenario. Well done!!

*This Is Good For Social Networking. We Can Talk To Our Friends Or Relatives If They Are Too Far From Us Also. I Need A Features In This App That It Should Show That Which Person Is Online At Moment We Open. Really That Feature Will Be Really very Good. Thank You Great!

Please add a feature to highlight some texts in a message such as bold, italic, underlone and strikethrough. iOS can do that things but it can't do on Android and does not show that effects when receiving from android. Thanks. 5 star

Nice app. when I send a voice note to it, it automatically exits from me, then give you such a choice so that it can be locked. While sending a voice note, it has to be kept by holding, if the hold is caught a bit too loose, then it goes without it completely. Therefore, you should offer such an option in it, Muito bom!

4 stars because: even though I have an extremely fast internet connection and WiFi the uploading speed of videos is only average. And second, I had to use telegram the other day to send a rather big video as WhatsApp couldn't handle it. Otherwise perfect Flawless

I absolutely loved this app. Swore by it and I've had it from before it became free to download. Love the updates over the years you guys seem to be on the right track progressing with the times. Love the calling and video features added.. My only problem which is a big one. You took away the ability to record voice notes while on the phone,which is a real bummer. That helped me out so much instead of texting while I'm on a call now I have to hang up my call to respond via voice note in order to send it. Idk why this was done but please, please, fix it to how it used to be. Worth a go!

Although WhatsApp is a good messaging app but it lacks some of the features. Anyone adds a person to a group without his/her consent there must be a provision where add request should go to the person and once confirmed he/she should be added to the group. Please pay attention to this feature. Pretty good

Its boring.. please give the black theme for the app. I like what you did on Blackbeery 10 devices.. we look into a small screen but the black theme gives me a unboring sight to my phone. Highly Recommend.

Great chatting application. However can WhatsApp enable the ability to view a list of profile statuses that have been muted. These appear at the bottom of the statuses when the people muted post. But I actually don't have the ability to just see who's statuses I have muted without them posting first. Well done!!

What's up Do 1 thing create ur own app like what's app. If u r facing so much probs.. What's app team is working on ur feedback don't pass bad cmnts.. Love u guys keep it up Great!

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