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*MAKE OPTION FOR POP-UPS TO BE LIKE FACEBOOK'S MESSENGER CHAT-HEADS* I have a problem with you popup feature. When I select pop-up notification I wish it will come up like CHAT HEADS. Like in a closed circle just like in messenger. Not open and disruptive. It interferes with other things I'm doing. I wish I could have my messages pop-up with causing me problems. And I also wish to access them without having to go to the app itself. And if I am showing someone a picture or so the popup just appear. Brilliant

Add block will be more that we can choose who we want to block on whatsapp call for avoiding people from disturbing us..and change the emoji to the old emoji not cool and i hate it..I Will Give You Five Star if you CAN BRING back the old emoji.. I'M REALLY HOPING FOR THAT.. Brilliant

I have a dual sim phone. One number for private use for close friends and family, then the second for business use open to public. How can I run two WhatsApps on one phone? I used the WhatsApp on DISA hub until my previous phone broke, now I am [email protected]#ked with either business or private communication. Worth it!

Sir , I want to create a pool in my whats up group ,, please provide this is useful.. thanks Worth it!

Its a very good messaging app to have, because of its wide popularity .... 5 from me Perfect!

Hello developer, I usually don't write review, however this come in as a need. Kindly incorporate select all for group messages or one click delete all group messages so that it become easier to delete group messages. When you have a group with members 250plus it's difficult to manually select all 1000plus messages to delete... Kindly look into this issue... Thank you wow lol

Experiencing serious issues since last update , Wapp beta version failed to work since 12 Feb , changed over to WappBusiness but it too giving problems, m using YU yureka cynogen mod Tomato Perfect!

Good application for the phone and video so cute s the phone get picked up by others Muito bom!

Overall good, but now since the ownership has been given to facebook so uselessly updating and increasing package size is normal, facebook is habituated of it as it does with fb app and messenger and I am sure same will be done with whatapp and its already proceeding. After a year I think the installation package will be greater than 60-70 mb. But this is normal for these fb peoples. Idiots. Recommend

Thanks for the updates.. :) Hate the new updates.. Love the emoticons but not the basic changes to the app. Contact list is missing, the contact's personal status is missing, unnecessary cameras short cut on the main page when it is there in the chats. Agree with so many ppl here.. Either get the old version back or atleast give option for a written status msg and get the contact list back. Good

The only major problem with this app is not having the ability to change the default storage location in settings. Most mainstream apps now allow you to store media directly to an SD card, take Spotify for example. I'm amazed this feature has still not been added as people have been asking for it since WA started to become popular. So if your like me and share and receive a lot of media with your friends, prepare for your internal storage to fill up pretty quickly. Must have

Hey the Creator of WHATS APP can anybody explain to me the racial feature you have in the emoji thing. Having a white,fair, and black emoji when you choose a person hand or person. It doesn't matter if your white or black the thing is, is it necessary to be specific as a user if your white then choose white if we have fair skin choose the fair one. The point is this is not important tho why not just use an orange as a color of a person hand or a person like the face emojis so that it will be fair. So little issue but this is not applicable because the racial discrimination is present in this thing. Just a curious user. Thanks Marvelous

Thank you so much for payments UPI system. Please take care of security. I have been using Paytm now it is tough competition between 2 apps. Make sure to use every vendor like Paytm. Then definitely it will beat paytm. Its high time to merge Facebook and WhatsApp man because of 2 apps I am not interested to login to Facebook and messenger. Why are you developing multiple apps WhatsApp business etc. Make it one. I am sure in future it has to replace built in message box. There is no point in having seperately for OTP purpose only. WhatsApp should work on this to replace message service box. Thank you Works great

Pls add notification system for approve or reject invitation to join group like fb. Bcs anyones adds in group without any prior info n we also cant refuse him. Pls attention on this issue. Also add sorting option for WhatsApp chats like date wise time wise or mostly used chat. This will be very helpful. 5 star

Everything's cool and all but i couldn't send a pdf file to one of my contacts. It was a manual for a dslr camera, 25MB in size. My contact sent me countless pdfs of various size over 25MB but i couldn't. And i'm upset. So i will give 3 stars. Hope this gets fixed asap. Brilliant

Overall this messenger is awesome.. and has some fantastic features.. But I suggest it must have reaction buttons(like-haha, wow, sad etc.) above or below the profile pictures, status update(24hr), satus(in text form)... This would make the app more interesting and fantastic.. love it

It needs to be more stable. At times the app can just have a bug and end my video calls or my voice calls. Some bugs including no blue ticks after a message has been read by the other user. Overall it's not a bad application. A good way to connect with family and friends. Well done!!

What's app need to add one more slide to separate the group chats and single chats options... So that it will easy to distinguish between single friends and group. As I have too many group and friends , so that it get difficult to find eaisly every friends by scrolling, I know there we have option to search , but scrolling in only friends column and scrolling in another group column will be easy to find the particular friend and group. Thanks Team. Sandeep Nehte Great!

Overall it has no match to any other app. But from some last few months I'm facing the issue of "No tone". There's no notifcation tone when i receive any msg. I've checked all the settings of my cell Samsung S7 edge along with updating and enabling app many times. Enjoy it!

U guys broke the backup feature now. Now my GS7 won't backup and pass 19meg.. once it hit that mark it say Internet lost and it can not backup.. the last time my fone back on Feb 6 2018.. I can't reinstall the app because I will lose all my current chat msgs.. please fix my issue Amazing!

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