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Apr 24, 2017

Removal of text status is the worst change whatsapp can have now.. Users should be able to maintain status for more than 24 hours as well. Flawless

Apr 24, 2017

I'll give you to suggestions 1) Please avail scheduled messaging in which we can send messages at time we set *2) Please provide an option for a message which can provide information on the creator of the message. (This can help us against people who spread error & false messages) These two can make the app much better Great job

Apr 24, 2017

Everything is good except two things 1. Updating profile picture it is better in ios. Pls update it for better experience. We are having problem in uploading full size pic. 2. Whatsapp calling screen please change it too. Surprisingly

Apr 24, 2017

This update is very good please Google does not want updates again because they cause problems in the phone memory Not bad

Apr 24, 2017

"Please ap asa update lakar ayo ke direct pata chal jay ke kon online h or kon nahi (online -........)" Highly Recommend.

Apr 24, 2017

Hi Whatsapp Team, I am very happy to use this simple interface chatting application. However, is there any possibility to let us still using the old version of whatsapp? I mean let the users choose whether or not they are going to update the application. I feel a bit bother that if we use the not updated app then we are unable to use this app. The second please add a feature where we could manage our whatsapp data. I think it would be useful. Works great


Keeps shutting down after latest update...Tried clearing cache, uninstalling and restarting phone...Nothing works Good


Congrats u for a great app created. .. I just in confess with the picture quality involved in this app. .. Also there should have a log in and log out features so that user can't get disturbed while it is using Internet or other internet running apps. .. If we do not want messages so we need to uninstaall it or getting offline. .. This problem need to be fix sooner Otherwise it's best app i have ever got used with. .. Just wow


best app of my life n have awsome calling service for free. I just have NO problem with the app. it has tried all possible things already to improve... Just 1 limitations- once a message is sent we cant edit in case of errors otherwise it's awsome Good


Great app.. Great idea.. Obviously your popularity speaks for itself.. Just one thing though: I wish there was a ON/OFF button so that we could view the app and notifications only when we need to and not that the notifications flow in each time I switch the internet on. I think this has been a request from many. love it


It would make this more feature-rich if we could check pictures we find on posts, on Google Images. Plus a link to the closest matching news on Google, related to any bit of news we wish to authenticate before posting further or checking for fake news. If there could be a feature such as a coloured button which would change it's intensity depending on the average number of times a particular post has been circulated, it would help ascertain or prejudge which posts to download first if the settings are not made for auto download. Just wow


It a great app, but one thing that seems to not function is the "message info". Correct me if am wrong but isn't it meant to show the sender whether the receiver has read the message. Or does it only function when the read receipt is ticked???? Omg


A good experience but I have 1 complaint.. The pictures sent are of very low quality. On the iOS app the pictures sent have a better quality. Please also improve or at least give option to improve quality on android too. Cool


Its just awesome.. every thing done quick n fast... one bad thing is it made me addicted for itself... :-) Great job


Great app. But just one thing: when someone sends a pic, it automatically saves it to the phone. When I go to transfer it to my computer and I delete it, I can no longer view the pic. You should make it possible for pics to always be viewable no matter what. Perfect!


Message content still pops up when viewing other apps despite pop ups being switched off in both app and on phone settings. Annoying. Otherwise a brilliant app. love it


Whatsapp is a great app you can mensaje and send photos to other people perfectly. But WhatsApp still has bugs and downfalls on sending videos, GIF's, calling, and video calling. So WhatsApp still is great but not perfect. Must have


I think you for WhatsApp with the best app that very very super and voice message you are called you are clear voice and ok super Pretty good


* "Blocked" intimation not available. If a contact blocked one of his contact and the blocked contact chat/video/audio call then no intimation display that contacted person blocked you. It is very necessary to intimate. * Video call quality is very poor and unable to connect properly even the internet connection is good Marvelous


Please bring back the old delivery message time and message read time... The newer version is so annoying because we can't even get the correct time when it was been delivered.. Its show the message was delivered 50 minutes ago and so on.. Please bring back the old type.. Perfect

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