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Aug 24, 2017

Its really awesome to use and bee attached with frndss there was a pencil stroke to write status its missing know Well done!!

Aug 24, 2017

Great app.i like the new version..bt in status text colour changes also need... Well done!!

Aug 24, 2017

Plz back old version new version is not cool...!! Plz old version vaapas lao....!!☺☺☺☺ Fabulous!

Aug 24, 2017

search option is good but y don't u show the recent searches? that'll b helpful please consider Enjoy it!

Aug 24, 2017

continously closing by switching on bluetooth in my Gionee S6s phone... please help... Great job

Aug 24, 2017

With new version During whatsapp call if I click on message icon from call window it doesn't pickup chat history.. Great!


the new version is good . i want to say something for new addition in the whatsapp we upload our status and we show that how many people are seen my status but i think in new version "~one person how many time whatch my status~" is good ....... thank you Go well


App is nice and easy to use but their is some more feature can be provided they are missing if all the feature will be given then this app will be a complete package it will be a one of the most easg and helpfull app ever but something missing make sure that all the things may full fill. One suggestion i would like to give is conference video/call. 5 star


add Pinned msg for groups. other shouldn't have ability to remove main admin. add Group info feature. Cool


So far, so good, always room for improvement; it would be very nice if WhatsApp could have an encryption feature, like having to put a password on any one of your contacts so that no one can read your dialogues... ...or not necessarily having a password, but encrypting all your WhatsApp texts, so that if anyone reads your texts, they will still see a dialogue between two people, but it will be very different from the original dialogue, it will be a fake dialogue, like two buddies talking about properties found in grape wine, you will then have to enter your password to see the actual conversation. Brilliant


Will they read my review? WhatsApp can easily become the best (not just the most popular) messaging app, if they care enough. Suggestions/Observations 1. What's the purpose of the mute button, because it doesn't really mute anything? 2. Calls do not ring out, so people do not know they are being called except they are with their phones. 3. Create a feature for group admins to approve new members who are coming in through invite link 4. Make it possible for groups to have at least one pinned post or message. If you can do these, then WhatsApp will become unbeatable Fantastic


Guyz plzz add these 2 things in video calling feature... 1. That u can reduce the volume to zero. 2. Display doesn't dim when u mute the call... Plzz do this...Sometimes we don't make a video call to talk...Talking is not possible in some situations...Sometimes we just call to see each other..Thank you..Other than that it's awesome. Edit: please add the feature of setting GIF as DP...that would be so cool.. Amazing!


u give me late updates ... I saw one of my friends can see the status of the contact on the top of the bar jst below the name ....scrolling left to right ..... y u don't give me updates.... thn what's the purpose of me wasting my data on updating the app when it don't provides with new features Go well


The app is helpful that it makes me grateful to use it. As a user, I'd like to suggest this app to allow me to have the options to restrict people who can call and message me through Whatsapp. I know there's "Block" but it's not really effective. This is because the "Block" only applicable personally. However, it's not applicable when the person we block is in the same group whatsapp. So looking forward to the next improvement. Thank you. Not bad


Its hard to discern is message read or just delivered, cause you use almost alike signs! think about people with poor vision! is it hard to use one checkmark when delivered and two when read instead of two thin, small and alike checkmarks? ALSO if I send wrong message, I must have possibility to delete it everywhere! Pretty good


Dear whatsapp team ur app is vry good but from last few days the app is crashing. It shows Whatsapp error once in a day n sometym it is thrice. Aftr restoring chat history all my recent data has been deleted. It is so annoying as dat contains vry imp.msg. plzzzz fix it Perfect!


1.Anybody can add us in their group even if we don't want to get added. So like there's an invitation system to invite people to join whatsapp, the same system should be there for adding people in groups too. 2.Please add an option for setting different wallpapers for different chats (Different wallpaper for different people and groups). 3.Also add an option for sharing app apks too. 4.If we can search for chats by entering the dates too then it would become very easy to search for chats. (It's very useful because we might have typed those words a thousand times so it would become difficult to search for the chats we want to see). 5. The app hangs when the album is being downloaded. Worth it!


I love it. It lets me communicate with my friends that have international numbers. I can call, text, video chat, send all kinds of files whether is pictures, music or a video. The only problem I have with it is that the notification doesn't always go off. I go into the settings and they are all correct but after awhile they just stop making sounds and sometimes I don't get the message unless I open the chat. Awesome


Notifications seem to be broken plus messages aren't getting through. The app is totally buggy this weekend. Has there been an update that isn't fixed? A few people I know have noticed the same. Great!


Its a great application. But still in a market we have more similar apps.. even have duplicate WhatsApp apps available with more features. So give more features as per users wish. Like I need more features in status field. Extend Ststus duration from 30 seconds to 10 minutes and status update should not disappear in 24 hours. Need 2 days like that.. I love WhatsApp. Branded WhatsApp. But duplicate WhatsApp have such great features. Kindly update and save our Branded WhatsApp. Thank you Works perfectly

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