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May 24, 2017

Stop zooming in every picture by default. Maintain the aspect ratio, don't crop it goddamnit !! Great job

May 24, 2017

This is good but need to improve this app do not call to certain cities like dubai please please improve it please please Cool

May 24, 2017

When I download a gif from google and want to send it to someone it says that the file format is not supported but in other mobiles the gif can be downloaded from google and shared too in whatsapp. So how to do share that in my tab ? My tab's name is samsung galaxy tab 3. Can anyone helf in this matter ?? If yes please help me. Fantastic

May 24, 2017

I'll be bold here... I think the new update is sucks with it's SnapChat-like feature. Not everyone likes the concept of it. I suggest that you give the choice to either turn it off or add a permanent status. I do however appreciate the new emoji's that's been added. I will rate your App 5 stars again if you consider my suggestion. The previous versions were great. Worth it!

May 24, 2017

Hi Team... What was happened with the old version so u made this new version ? Maybe it's great for others but not for me. Sorry, I'm so dissapointed for the latest version. I really don't like the way we update status through video or photo. I also really don't like there is story there. I don't have problem with contact list. I just want I can type my status like before. Thank you. Works perfectly

May 24, 2017

Must give more features and all the status must not expire in24 hrs. it should retain always. Great job


This is for someone that always has a special place in my heart. She knows who she is she shines amongst the rest. Thank you for helping me see things from your perspective. The only thing worse than being born blind is being born but without vision.... one day at our wedding I will dance with you and u will get that speech. I love you Go well


That's annoying everything is good but it shows me to update but whenever I open playstore it says uninstall or open how can I ever update and keeping updates everyday ANNOYING 5 star


Best ever app...so user friendly..can be used by everyone. Waiting for more updates​..more new things to come Looking forward for few animated smileys Hope u guys will do this soon.. Also, contacts which r mute n moved to archive folder shud nt show notification on main page whenever v rcv new msg frm tht cntct. Rest is Best....5/5***** Muito bom!


Das war ja echt nichts mit dem neuen Update. Warum wurde meine geliebte Kontaktliste so tief versteckt, warum kann man in der noch vorhanden Kontaktliste nicht auf das kleine Profilbild klicken, damit man es ohne Umwege vergrößern kann? Was soll dieses neue Status Feature, ich finde es unnötig und wünsche meinen alten Status zurück! WhatsApp ist weder Snapchat, noch Facebook, noch ein soziales Netzwerk, es ist ein Messenger! Ihr braucht nicht so tun, als würdet ihr cool sein, wir wollen nur einen simplen Messenger ohne viel drumherum! (Sony Xperia Z1, AOSP Android 7.1.1) Fabulous!


Pining the chats feature is good but it should provide at least 5-6 chats to be pinned at the top,since many people are members of more than 7-10 groups. What's app would be more better if it provides Audio facility to its messages which user can read as well as well hear with the help of audio facility please add this feature in what's app love it


Ever since these new features were introduced, my app never goes a day without stopping. It is beyond annoying! I may be in the middle of a conversation and then a message appears informing me that it isn't responding. As if that is not enough, one just popped up right now. Awesome


Dear Whats App, Its an humble request from a unhealthy user to kindly restore your update since messages appear only when i open whats open. Else they do not appear automatically even when the whats is not opened as in the previous updates. Please reply up me a quick response. Whats app no.- +919616579857. Hoping for beat from one of the best social networking app in the world. Greetings, Namit Patel Omg


It's superb App but you can update the Videocall with emotion like a "FB Videocall". & please clear the online problem because my Frnd last seen 5-10min before its Show's continue online after she was offline... I like your gif option. but can you please put it openly so Everyone can use it. even 70% of the Indian people don't know about that feature in your App.. Please improve Videocall clearity. Have a nice day. Superb!


cheaper way to send pic messages but all its good for will be better and rate more once u learn that even tho I have messages and change phone u restore them instead of me loosing them. fed up of loosing messages cos u can't be bothered to have an app that works properly or restore my messages! !! Marvelous


Recent update helped put lag on uploading home videos & pics, in spite of using the fastest phone currently available. More font & emoji needed. Gifs should be categorised. Its useless as it is now. Also colour choice for font should be given. Also the "my contacts except..." & "only share with... " should be included on "Last seen, Profile photo" & about. And please WhatsApp, remove the big green blob on the lower edge of the main screen & out of the way. For these gripes I've given 4 star. If these advices are implemented, it's straight 5 star. wow lol


Good messaging app ever. Keep it free and make it more more better! And, i love the green colour at your website, it looks more fresh, please give allow users to change the header colour on android device, because the old one is so bored. Brilliant


Why whatsapp, why? You trying to become another snapchat? Instagram has already gone down that road. Stick to what you are good at; being a messenger app. Bring back the OLD status. The one I don't need to update every 24 hours. Enjoy it!


Very useful app. One thing actually make me upset only when i send photos to others it becomes poor quality. I hope yoi guys can make this possible Superb!


It would be epic if there is stickers then i would be ready to pay 10 dollars or more for it Must have

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