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Mar 23, 2017

It's is the best messaging app but I am not able to use it from last 3 days. I tried reinstall of the even completely formatted my phone. But when I open it it is not working Worth a go!

Mar 23, 2017

Creator of the group should have rights to undo admin of other. Please add feature to unadmin Well done!!

Mar 23, 2017

Okay new update is fine and i'm happy to see the old version of text status which now called about. But i'll give 5 stars if the stories update removes which is called status here.. Everyone likes whatsapp because it was unique with no stories only status(about in new update) i know so many people still want the old whatsapp so much and i too want because whatsapp is my favorite app.. But i cant rate it with 5 stars beacuse i dnt like this stories like instagram, snapchat, hike etc Not bad

Mar 23, 2017

Well let's see I'm glad you guys read our comments on the updates and I'm glad anew update has come along. Thank you so much for creating a dedicated button to the contacts screen and Thank you for bring back the profile picture view in scrolling mode, I love the fact that I can now make a permanent status and I can post pictures. I will update my review later in the week but so far it looks to be the way I k ow WhatsApp to be, Thank you for taking the time to read through our complaints and apply our ideas. Perfect

Mar 23, 2017

Whatsapp is better now with that 24 hr story thing... It is overall great.. only the contacts have to be searched now... The contact column shouldn't have been deleted... Everything else is great Great job

Mar 23, 2017

WhatsApp is super no doubt about that. And is suggest you onthing time based messaging... Awesome


Thanks Mark & Team For Making my Life more Convenient & Exciting with your each Update. This update is An awesome one both things canbe enjoyed by users now. I have an issue With the Whats app Status Video Duration. It should be Increased by atleat 5 mins so that one can properly Convey a good long Msg to the Audience. I Think it's an Important Trick which may come out for people in many ways. Thanks in Advance. Great!


Definitely one of the best app's out there. Without a question. Keep up the brilliant work. My only criticism is that with new phones out (like my HTC one), you can only literally send a video clip in HD for a mere 5 seconds. Would give five stars if this could be sorted! Now that's it's sorted, easy five stars. Brilliant! Surprisingly


I want to ask that the contacts list be put back please. Sometimes I simply want to scroll through my contacts book to locate a contact or look for their info etc, not necessarily send them a message at that point in time. I don't like the fact that I have to click on "new message" before I could access my contacts. It was much better when u had the list of contacts and from there u can edit/adjust settings for ur contact (eg blocking, viewing status line, viewing dp etc) Otherwise thank you for reinstating the original status line. It works very nicely with the new 24 hour status. One for ur chronic state and one for temporary daily updates. I love whatsapp. Just please put back the contacts list in a place by itself Amazing!


Really like it. Very reliable. Like the time stamp feature for it helps avoid unnecessary chats. ;-) Keep up the good work. However I WOULD like an increase in the amount of data one can send(presently 16 megabytes). Can't send GIFS. Custom notifications also not working even though the feature has been enabled. Great job


I will be honest.. The recent update wasn't necessary..,I think if you were to update may be you should concentrate on sending more than 10 pics or some sort of things like that but not interfere with one's privacy..,The thing you did with the status and having to update it after every 24 hrs that is totally bad..,it feels like am an attention seeker.. And is it me alone or what coz I can't see my contacts tag Pretty good


WhatsApp is use to have so friendly features. Nobody has time to go one by one contacts and share the update. We were happy with the old style as it differ from other now it looks similar to other networking app. Totally upset:( Surprisingly


Whatspp closes automatically in my LeMax 2 phone. Whenever i do voice call, whenever i hear audio or voice mail through ear piece on my phone, it is getting cut abruptly. Also i m not being notified instantly on the msgs, voice calls. Only when i open the app, everything starts coming one by one. I tried upgrading Whatsapp, did all settings change, but nothing worked out. Please fix it foe LeEco LeMax 2 phone. Fabulous!


Whastapp text status is rocking again... Muito bom!


I think that what's app is a very good app to reach all my friends with out having to talk. All I have to do is type what u want to say and do any thing intill my friend sees it. The best thing about it is that you can see the messege after you sent it with a year or more Surprisingly


thankx for update about text status. now the last thing is please add a file share by wifi just like hike direct . its easy team you can do it. add a feature whatsapp direct so we can use it as a file transfer software also. thankx in advance Go well


First status version is better than new status version..cause anyone cant lokk new status of any user so please again provide us old version of whats app.. we dont want to attach any image or video or gif in status..we want attach text and that will be shown by others permanantly Fabulous!


My old version what's app best new version Bad .my new version what's app not upload status... Old version is batter plz change version . love it


Liked it very much :) It would have been great, if the app provides an option to keep the privacy for each contact separately. Amazing!


My initial vote was 5 stars. Then there was the first apparel of "new"(!) status thing came out, replaced contacts tab and my vote got to 1 stars. Now you re-added the contacts, nobody actually use the story she(e?)t and my vote has arise to 4 stars. If you remove that story joke, I'll give 5 stars again. Otherwise maybe I'd get bored and decrease my vote by the time. Great job

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