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It's basically a great app. But according to my observation and opinion in the "select contact" option, instead of mobile there should be online or offline status of user. Cool

Updated today. Individual message info is lost. I can no longer see who has seen my message and who has not, in a group. Fix it please... Surprisingly

15/3/18 -Loved it until this latest update removed the forward arrow to allow easy sharing. WHY?? Have downgraded to 2.18.46 version until features that make this app great is restored again. Not Happy. 28/3/18- Update: Forward arrow share feature has been brought back. You get your 5* back. Happy now Cool

There is a bug while sharing lengthy videos , instead of limiting it to its capacity, it just keeps on processing with loader symbol and won't allow you to do anything in whatsapp until you close app. Great!

Put back that info button right on top when we select a message. You have moved it to More options. Keep it back. Dissapointed with this update. Highly Recommend.

Unlike form fb WHATsapp is much more easier to use when it comes to chatting.. it makes our work easy because it has all the features like video calling call share messages pics audio send voice note and many more...i love it!! Perfect!

I think it's perfect except u only give us the code once. Like for example I accentdently erase the code that u first sent me and now I can't log in to chat with my friends on please change it.:( Worth it!

Everything works well on this app. Upset at the fact that there's no emoji of a Muslim man however there is an emoji of a Muslim lady. Please rectify this soon thanks Awesome

Ok SO Since we all know WhatsApp is LITTTTTTT You're still missing one small thing And it's really needed is our society And that my friends Is a dab emoji So there's my idea Take it or leave it, but otherwise no complaints Recommend

I really like this app so much. And i think most people would fancy it more with free calls. It would attract huge people . It will make more sense. Enjoy it!

Sends good quality pictures. Also good to use when you only have Wi-Fi access. Can even make a call through Wi-Fi free of charge. Well done!!

When I type in messages, they don't get sent even though I hit send. I have to quit the app and restart to send these messages. My connection is great. Superb!

It is hype for a reason. The things which they've cracked it better than the others. Making conversation amazing! Great job

Awesome app l love it I have a suggestion That You whatsapp team you should make a option for audio status also Not bad

Updated emojis look horrible Surprisingly

WhatsApp had really improved it's features, which makes me so comfortable with this media. I love using WhatsApp. I love it. Must have

Something going worng before update easily change new profile photo but now something that missing.... Good

This app should have the option to run 2 whatsapp accounts at the same time. Just like Gmail can run 2 gmail accounts at once . Just like that whatsapp shoulld also have that option Fabulous!

when internet is slow the loading circle will spin round and round infinite time :-( Go well

Would have given 5 star but you need to give customisation to change the colour of what's app Fantastic

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