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It is saying currently installed version is obsolete and asking to download from playstore and not showing messages but from play store there is only uninstall and open options. on reinstalling again putting the user through the same loop. not able to access whatsapp. today on 16th jan morning found my whatsapp working fine and no longer 'obsolete' no longer 'leave beta testing' program error, so I guess they've fixed it in the background. Good

When i open whats app it tells me to update the app and while i try to update the playstore show's its updated and there isn't any update option.. unable to use whats app.please help Marvelous

13/01/2018 Today its showing auto update. And when I'll try to open its showing me for date and sime update issue and when i click for update its nothing in play store. Play store show me "open" when and i go for open its show me update... Must have

Last 3 days WhatsApp is forcing to do update as current version became obsolete after 13 jan. But when i visit playstore, there is no update available. Today i cannot enter WhatsApp as it blocks me from using older version, but no new version available on play store.. Might be a bug.. Did not expect this unprofessional behavior from WhatsApp Amazing!

Was having the same update issue go to apkmirror from google crome download the whatsapp latest version link this will solve the problem Brilliant

Large no. Of users are using whatsapp in india...why don't you add upi option and adhar linking..they may be called prime users. You can help in development of india through digital payments.. adhar linking will prevent fraudstars and eill help tracking users. Many people will be encouraged to use digital payment platforms. Yes you can help us. Highly Recommend.

I always like WhatsApp but I need a new tab which shows the contacts and their last seen which may bemore friendly to use and this feature is there in almost every messenger apps so please consider my feedback, thank you Well done!!

Real Estate Coach Spark Ovadje approves WhatsApp as the best social media app... Worth it!

There should be a group confermation before adding someone. Most of the fake group add us and begain to send dirty blogs, unwanted comments. Perfect!

Please Add Options To Group Admin Control Settings, Group I Con And Group Subject Change And Select Members Only Messages Sending For Group, Group Members Send Is Wrong Messages, Delete For Everyone Option For Admin, Please Add This Options It's Very Helpful...! Thank You Highly Recommend.

With this app u can connect with frnds so easily thnk u team whts app for being this gr8t app to our life... Great job

Please Add Options To Group Members Send Wrong Messages In Group, Delete For Everyone Option For Admin, And Record Whatsapp Call And Whatsapp Video Calling Recording Features, Please Add This Options It's Very Helpful...! Thank You Worth a go!

Can u please add a feature to tag someone on a status just so they know you mentioned them Flawless

Unable to receive video calls. Can make them but cannot answer them. Os verison: 8.0.0 Device: Mi A1 (xiaomi) Good

This app is very good but drains up my battery life and heats up my CPU so Muito bom!

Kindly provide an option for Profile photo also like status in Account> Privacy >status>My Contacts Except... In Profile Photo also like Account>Profile Photo> My Contacts Except... Not bad

I took participation on beta test once but after latest update i found problem that i cannot with sending, receiving, or checking tgat i online or not, i can't even making a call to every contact on my phonebook and nobody can send me a message either. The app doesn't work as usual. I already leave beta test mode and install the regular version but when i enter my phone number to verification it takes too long to complete and suddenly failed and said that don't have internet connection but my int connection doesn't have any problem. I really thank you if you respond to my feedback Pretty good

एक सिटी मारने का ऑप्शन भी ऐड करो । Great!

Are isme bhi fb vala online vala vanction hona chahiye jisse malum pade ki kon online he love it

Plz Increase the time for video status..30 sec is much little so plzz upgrade this Works great

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