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Jun 26, 2017

Almost all is good about this app but the video quality of WhatsApp is not so much good even when me and my Frnd using WiFi then to its quality is poor , so take action ... THANKS Omg

Jun 26, 2017

خیلی قند شده لطفاااا واتساب پرقرت باشد Highly Recommend.

Jun 26, 2017

Should include the features like colored fonts, different bubble style etc....as in whatsapp plus Works perfectly

Jun 26, 2017

I have a suggestion, we need superadmin/root for group, one group can only have on super administrator. He is the one controller of the groups and he is the creator of the group. Regular admin can't take action against him. Great!

Jun 26, 2017

The best apps on the universe so far.... Not a single complain about it. It's great that Whatsapp calling has been launched in our country, I have started using it. It's far far cheaper than international calling rates than the other operators in india. Great team work by Whatsapp team. The TRI is planning to ban on it, or they may put the charge on calling. so far the indian government did not charge anything on calling so great .kepp calling your friends living outside inda.Happy calling.. Brilliant

Jun 26, 2017

Its a awesome app every one must use this app and by the way it is use by higher company or for contact in social Worth it!


Its very good at performance.but, the features in GBwhatsapp attracted your users on it , plz add the feature that show the online status on main chats screen.add that feature plz Works perfectly


Its a best Application. Problems: hangs a lot. Bulk messages in groups are not sent instantly. If we are sending to many groups delayed by hours, no tick mark for hours. Clearing chats takes longer time for bulk msg. New suggestion: To insert small image with the text. Great job


Its a good app but mine can't make video chat I don't really know because my phone is having a front camara bcs I don't really know whats wrong Fantastic


خراب شده واتس اپ درستش کنید نیاد بیرون هی Brilliant


Latest version can't send a long video anymore. Max duration only 2:51. Why??? Worth a go!


Dear whatsapp team ,please provide an option to download the videos and images which are kept on status... Please update this feature.. Just wow


Its so awesome app but the calling facility work only 4g network in 2g calling facility not good need one more option what's can help to add multiple contact together in groups Awesome


Because it disarv it whats happning in new version its not working mostly time showing u have to close your whats app app this is not good wow lol


I should give full star but it don't have Fb messenger bubble system of its own.... Amazing!


This is a really good app is you want to text Privetly,facetime,phone call,send voice recorded messages,videos,photos and group chat. I really recommend this app for all phones. Pretty good


In the later versions of WhatsApp, the images are compressed to such an extent that they are unusable. If some of my friends send me an image containing text or numerics of small font size, I'm not even able to read it after receiving, but the actual image is a lot clearer. The image compression techniques in the older versions of whatsapp were far better. Please check to this Well done!!


The app is getting better and better, however, there is this issue regarding notification heads up after the nougat release. The app only shows the first message in the heads up and then ignores the rest. Please try to do anything regarding this issue because it takes the advantage if quick reply, let alone that it's an annoying bug itself. Cool


Give options to change skin bored of same colour now it is indeed needing a change and please give new feature of message recall. Recommend


My messages are sent but not received instantly by the contact (sometimes it takes hours for the two ticks to appear). I tried the options in the troubleshoot tab on the website but in vain. Please fix Worth it!

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