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Most apps like this are expensive, you can't use them whenever you want, and/or they have an age limit and I don't qualify seeing as I am only 13. But with this app, you can get quick help, it has easy relaxing games and breathing excersises and it really helps me get through tough days. Not depression in total, but it just keeps me alive. Must have

Overall an amazing tool to help people deal with their mental illnesses on the day to day basis. I truly hope someone would fund this so it could provide people with access to therapists and counselors if not for free then as close to free as possible. A million thanks from someone who uses this app almost everyday. Just wow

It is a really good app! One that I find is helping me a lot! I would even be prepared to pay an initial cost for it. The only negative point however is that it crashes on my phone often. I get half way through my diary entry, it crashes and then I have to start over again. I think an auto save feature should be available, so if it does crash, I dont have to start all over again. Rather frustrating if im having a bad day. I used the app this evening fot about 10 minutes to have it crash on me 4 times. However that's my only upset. If that was fixed, would happily give 5 stars! Recommend

This is a nice little helpful app! My only problem with this is tracking positive and negative habits. It's difficult to set up and not what I expect when i think of a habit tracker Must have

Amazing app! 30 minutes into this, and I already feel so blissful. It's what I've needed for so long, but my only issue is how my affirmations won't save whenever I exit the app. That, and the app randomly crashes. Enjoy it!

Thank you so much for this app. It has really helped me a lot. I tried many mental health apps but this one, by far, is the best app I found. The forums and the other features have helped me a lot. With what I'm going through, I couldn't have asked for a better app Works great

I'm surprised how effective this app really is to bring me back up when I'm feeling really negative. The list of negative thought processes it lists is similar to some that my therapist once told me about. And the diary function is easy for someone who doesn't want to write too much. On top of all that, there's an option for password protection. I'm so glad I found this app. Well done!!

This app has so many helpful far exceeded my expectations. ..highly recommend this app to anyone with depression. .anxiety. .self harming tendencies. .even a lot of favorite app for self help Superb!

Absolutely perfect. The only thing that could make it better is if you gave an option to DM users. Many users need to chat one on one and I think everyone would be happy with that addition. I've used this app to help me a lot and I've always felt better after using it. Works great

as a licensed mental health professional, i wanted to find an app that my teen and adult clients could use, mostly in between sessions. doing the work outside of therapy is just as important as the therapy itself. this app is perfect! i am very impressed and find it user friendly and based on true psychological principles that I use with my clients. this is great for those in therapy as well as those seeking self help. what is the background of the developer? the app is professional and very sound. i do not have any concerns. also thank you, thank you for including the suicide hotline important! Perfect!

Just started using it moments ago and it has helped me. I love the uplifting positive quotes and learning about the conditions I deal with. Thank you alot!!! It's a comfort and helps me become calm and more present. Perfect!

This is a great little app to use any time any place. Whenever I have a sudden spat of anxiety I can whip out my phone and get back to the moment using all the lovely gadgets and whizzbangs it has to offer. Best of all for me is that in public it just looks like you're playing a game on your phone, super sweet Great!

This is really great app, in fact the best. It has helped me a lot. I have depression and it feels so good when people support you, and you can actually support others. Here I can share things that I can barely talk about with anyone. Thank you so much for this amazing app. wow lol

This app does help alot. Even from the app tutorial to actual usage, it provides all-out positivity and support. It also has a forum to give or get advices. This app helps alot, kudos to the developer. Not bad

This is a great app. It's not only a diary but it helps you track your negative behaviours, as well as your positive ones, and even has self-help technique. It really helps me stay grounded and think through problems. It's a must need app for anyone who suffers from a mental illness or just someone who is looking for an app to help them be the best person they can be. Fantastic

Its okay and a great concept but i wish there was a way for it to be a little more targeted and have a wider array of disorders available. For example BPD, DID, anorexia, etc. Recommend

I've been downloading app after app, trying them out, deleting the ones that weren't any good. Then, I stumbled on this one by accident. I just downloaded it, and have been looking through everything. Wow! What an amazing, informative, helpful app! I love it! With having Major Depression, Panic Disorder, and PTSD, everything is right here! I won't need 10 different apps, for 10 different things! Thank you! I can't wait to get started! Muito bom!

Very helpful. Great user interface. Thank you for creating this app, it has helped me through tough times and made it easy for me to access those mental health techniques. wow lol

I like this a lot. The layout is good. I like the idea and purpose of this app. I would rate it 5 stars but I must give 2 stars off for the constant crashing. It always crashes in midst of my thought diary or any moment I'm typing on this app. I tried the whole reinstalling but it didn't change... please PLEASE PLEASE FIX THE CRASHING and maybe for the coping advices we can temporary write what it advises or make another game to ground ourselves or unclutter our thoughts a bit. Marvelous

hands down the best mental health app I've ever used. fantastic for helping me come down from panic attacks using different grounding techniques. my favorite feature is being able to rate my feelings on a scale, it always slows me down to think about what I'm feeling, how much I'm feeling and where I'm feeling it in my body. you can also journal in the app which is a nice feature (albeit one I rarely use) wow lol

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