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Love the challenge.. but if you get stuck, then what? Cannot continue... need a forfeit button. So what if have negative points, you can replenish with correct answers. . Works great

It's a so-so game. The thing I have liked about it is using it to expand my two kids' vocabularies. It has been enlightening to my youngest that one word can refer to four different things. Works perfectly

I love the game!! it's not like your usual 4 pics one word games because it requires you to "think outside of the box" a little MORE... but that right up alley!! LOVE IT... not to EASY and yet NOT to OVERWHELMING.!! PERFECT!! Pretty good

Whats the word...4pictures 1word Guess one word describing happening in the 4 photos, easy? Try and see? Gets harder as game progresses! 5 star

Love the game... It can be challenging but that's what makes this game so much fun. My grandkids and I love solving the puzzle!" Worth it!

Love it! Excellent and fun game. Also addictive. But I love it. Hope everyone is enjoying it as much as I am... Enjoy it!

Whats the word Some clues are quite tough and in American/English. Otherwise okay. Plenty of answer sites out there so don't pay. Works great

This is a great mind stimulator for old & young. Homonyms (e.g., cord & chord) can be tricky, but add to the challenge. Not bad

It was fine for the first 20, then pics didn't match the words. Pic of cat does not = wool. A light bulb is not cyan. Not bad

It's fun to play but sometimes the images don't load. The only way I have found to fix the problem is to uninstall and reinstall which means you have to start over from the beginning. I have now reinstalled this app 5 times and it just happen did to me again. To the developers, let me know when you have this glitch fixed. Works perfectly

Enough of a challenge to be entertaining. Dislike paying for hints (defeats free game status). But you can't skip any puzzle to play on, and return later. So, Google answers for free. Works great

I like how it makes our mind work and we all can get smarter and we won't even need math,science, or more Worth a go!

So far so good just started playing time will tell why cant they let you play awhile before asking for rating honestly just rating 4 coins Flawless

I have played the game for only a short while and I like it quite a lot! The offers are nice too and for doing this I am getting 250 coins. THANKYOU! Pretty good

Fun game to play. Like the challenge. Don't like that we can't skip games and then go back to them later. Don't want to have to buy coins. Defeats the 'free game' purpose. Not bad

So addictive The game overall is fun and the more you play it the more challenging it gets and it's a very good time killer 5 star

This is an awesome recreational activitie.... but some it takes days to understand the connectivity of graphics... Just wow

This is a great game. Way better than the other 4 Pics 1 Word games. Very few ads, and I love that it gets more difficult as you go. Basic enough to make it easy, but not too simple or obvious. Great all around. Works perfectly

Good to play while waiting Just downloaded this game waiting for my daughter. It doesn't require concentration, so it's a good way to pass a few minutes. Cool

One more update please! I have an Android tablet in it's case and stand. So I would like to see an update for this game app, that would include a Landscape mode option also, instead of it being just in Portraite mode. Perfect

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