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Nice app for backing up contacts, messages and so on. But most of the New phones will most likely backing up by google Highly Recommend.

This is rubbish When register, after password setup, it pop a message said a verification code sent to your inbox. But you will find it from qq inbox or qq mail inbox, or elsewhere. After all, no way to use this app.

Great Saved problems that normally accompany transferring data from old phone to new phone. Thank you

Seems good but I can't create account with my HK phone#, they never sms the validation code, may restricted for China user only.

Better on ios for apple You sync and it updates showing same person 3 or 4 times i only want one person not the same person 3 times on my contact list. Apple wesync doesn't do this

Great Every time I reset my phone, I use this app to replace all my contacts with images and all. A time saver, easy since I have a QQ account.

最符合我使用习惯的! 数次拯救我的联系人于水火之中,虽然腾讯傻X但是这个软件没得黑。

Super Good application and said that the intended recipient please do you are the same time for your browser to see the sender immediately notify us know that is a few days

sagar Nice app for android but what about others... Like I have windows 7 phone. How do I get contacts for it from wesync

Just now installed, Hope it works, have changed phones several times having problems accessing accounts

#app-search-and-discovery Best Excellent Awesome Application! Greetings from Pakistan To summarize my opinion about this App I have no words to thank the developer for this App. It is the Best, Excellent, Awesome, Application. I rate it 1000/1000. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

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