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Love it its really fun and simple cam you make a controller mode also I want to try to use use mine for once wow lol

I dont see why everyone is upset it is a great game although you have to pay money for other levels but i like to try and beat a certain time on the first. Brilliant

It wanted to access stuff it did not need to operate. After denying permissions it loads half then does not go any further. Why make permissions an option if it won't work if u deny it Thank you for educating me. I did not know that Android controls that. Updated the game to 5 stars all around!! wow lol

OK by the way how do I even activate the gyroscope thingy??? And does it work with the vr box?? PLS REPLY!! Works perfectly

Every vr game I have on my phone is made fibrum, your games are great and I love them so much, but I had an idea for a game. YOU should make a or an adventure game with guns and crap. Just an idea respond if you think it's a good one. Also if you want more details from me more thing I'm sorry all these people are being rude, their not thinking there's other people behind the screen. If you need anything reply. Superb!

I know I don't have a gyroscope like a lot of modern mobile users, so could you make it use an accelerometer and compass to determine head tracking as well? Worth it!

Works fine on my cheapo phone with no gyroscope. Too short though...only one level really? I gave my .99 support as I have with some of your other vr games. Keep up the good work. Yours are the only ones I found so far that work w/o gyro. Awesome

Samsung s 6...Nice but... Nice game but accuracy of gun needs improving and I seemed to have run out of people to kill...leaving me looking around like an idiot..i played as far as i got for free so dont see what the sheeple are blabbing about. Highly Recommend.

Liked it but... I liked it but it was so hard to aim and the crosshair wasnt moving like my controller but the game would be better with that add-on Worth a go!

Loved it Best game for vr box fully enjoyed it.It has 3D things please add more game just like this.. Fantastic

YEAHHH I love how this game works and every VR game works for mom &dad's phone but not my phone but that's fine Pretty good

FIBRUM IS BEST I used all FIBRUM game all of them are best. I request FIBRUM to make more and more games for us Superb!

I want to buy full version but all the bad reviews saying it doesn't work I don't want to waste money taking chances Cool

does it work only on some specific headset because I can't seem to do anything... the game starts I can look around... no idea how to move around... Go well

Controller help needed I have an android bluetooth controller, I can shoot but can't move. If i could figure this out I'm sure it would be a 5 star game as I love your vr simulations

Great experience SKIP CODE REGISTRATION you can play without logging in. Fun game though, not too hard or too easy. I just wish it was longer.

Won't work. False advertising. Wants registration then money for a promo code or it won't run at all. DON'T DOWNLOAD. Save you Internet data.

Looks great but... Not work with google cardboard. The graphics is great but I can't shoot with the magnet trigger. Please update for the magnet trigger I would give 5 stars Fantastic

Could be better Need a bluetooth controller. Need to figure out how to start the game. Stuck at church.... Well done!!

More gameplay and mechanics. Ok great start. 3 minutes of game though isn't enough. Oh btw shoot the sign to start for those of you having trouble with that. Would like to see powerups, levelups , additional levels, if you really want to make some loot open world with iaps. And please always design games with moga or other controllers in mind. They are the key to the best vr gaming experience. Recommend

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