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Useful for meal ideas. Awesome

Rubbish points calculator also rubbish waste of money joining. Fix it please

#losing-weight Fab! Lost 4 pound in 3 days so far ive got a sweet tooth but just found out about making your own popcorn and sprinkle it with canderal yum yum!

Thanks! It is very inspiring lots of great recipes and ideas helps to keep you motivated excellent.

Simple but not helpful! For someone who has been used to tracking all foods this app is unfortunately a disappointment. Surely you could, at least, be able to select and track the healthy and filling foods you have eaten as a way to be reassured that you're doing the right thing. The build a meal option is not detailed enough. But as it is simple start then the app does just that. Keep it simple. Bright, colourful app, with some lovely meal suggestions and reward stickers.

Simply great!! Simple start app, is an easy way to plan and choose, or build your meals. It's a must have if you find planning and tracking a chore.. Recommend to take Weight Watchers Simple Start U APK.

Needs work! Keeps crashing. Needs work on the meal planners so you can choose any of the foods any time. I like crumpets for lunch but you don't get the option? Otherwise an ok app. Recommend to get Weight Watchers Simple Start U APK.

#weight-watchers Great so far! Enjoying the app so far. No problems for me,it's very basic but considering its called Simple start it really does mean simple.

Needs more content! I would prefer to note all food intake individually so I can see exactly what I've eaten. Recommend to install Weight Watchers Simple Start U APK.

#losing-weight Sarah B! Loving simple start app is really good but needs more foods added from filling and healthy to make it great but apart from that its easy to use

#internal-storage Brilliant for post Xmas indulgence!! Loving simple start. Really easy to follow and theres no reason to stop following it after 2wks its up to you how flexibly you want to diet with or without propoints

Quick & Easy! At last, love Filling and Healthy and this simplifies it. Good way to kick start the new year

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