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Great game i love to play but just try to increase it graphics. It should be more effective. Other things are good Flawless

The game does not work cuz I tapped counter but then I couldn't counter then the round ended so the whole time I was pressing counter the game just made me sit there so Matdickie fix ur game Must have

It is a good game but is says unfortunately Weekend Warriors is not working.Please fix it. Awesome

this is the time to introduce new fighters in the game, this game is now lacking famous new fighters. Brilliant

I used to freakin love this game and still do but it keeps crashin and I can no playz anymoore helpz Perfect

M Dickie delivers as always. Some of the best games ever. And both wrestling revolution games are just as addictive. Surprisingly

This is the best offline mma game in android. Similar to wrestling revolution this game also contains real life fighters but with different names . But one problem about this game is even after I become a champion without losing even a single match, they are asking for Pro licence everytime I sign the contract and they won't give you creative control if I don't have a pro licence, kicks me out of the company. In that case, this game has so much greed for the pro licence and it is so much bad for a good player with great winning streaks. Recommend

Great game but I purchased the in game add-on's because I enjoy the matchmaking aspect but titles do not change hands when a champion loses his belt, which essentially defeats the purpose for me. Is there any way to fix this? Thank you in advance Muito bom!

Its slow and laggy on my phone and i dont i dont like the pro wrestling elements weapons and wrestling rings etc otherwise this would be immense. Massive fan of mdickies wrestling games and wanted a real mma game. Shame. Works great

Loved it; I don't spend money on mobile games, but it's worth it. Please make the contracts fights and not weeks Enjoy it!

Dear Matt Can you pls remove the ads in your games because if an ad plays the game stops and it crashes Perfect

Love this game! I'm just wondering when you guys will make a boxing version of this Superb!

Awesome game only if the AI didn't have such an advantage as soon as they get you in a submission you can't get up Flawless

I really loved it. Please make another game about boxing, please just for my birthday☺ Perfect!

Awesome game very good graphics nice sound great time waster and best MMA game ever Perfect

It's a good game. I used to play WR3D before this game. I enjoyed both the games. Keep up the good work MDickie. 5 star

This game is cool but some fighters fight dirty af some dude hire a fighter to beat me so i cant be able to fight against him i beat the fighter he hired and i was low on health and i was beating his ass in the ring i was submitting him and his coach comes up to the ring and kicks me so i released him and he won Must have

Matt I know you listen to your fans. And I'm wondering can you consider putting a option for us to be able to use the controls in wr3d since this is hard to control at times and maybe if it's not possible can you put a women's championship and some features here to wr3d? All I want is a championship! Perfect!

please add something new fighter backyard mode boxing mode anything this my favorite game all i play and it ain't had a up date since before i baught it Worth it!

This app is awesome!I recommend you to download this.But the controls are difficult to learn and the controls are confusing.Plz fix the controls and make them easier to use. Amazing!

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