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I don' t know about this one... I don't know about this one, as soon as I press the "next" button it freezes and takes me back to my home screen. PLZ FIX THIS! Well done!!

Great Its a really good game, but it stinks you have to pay to unlock stuff. But on the other hand, great game. Fabulous!

Its really good but u just do t same ting over and over again.and u hav to pay to unlock like half of all t makeup and dresses and stuff.aswel al u hav is one model and u can only do 2 hairstyles it wud b alot better if u had al t models and u cud dye ter hair Its an OK app Good

Good app but... It was good and daughter loved it. Bit it blacks out face when u go to put clothes on..have to get money back on this Cool

Good game but... Well once your dressing her up. Her face is covered up by a black square. Not cool. Fabulous!

Awesome I love it. It is fun for every one. One bad thing is if u don't have the FULL wedding salon a lot of things are locked :-( love it

This is amazing But I have a suggestion, remove the mini games, they are taking away the whole purpose of the games, please do so and then I will rate you five stars whether I like it or not! Amazing!

Awww this game is so sweet and cute I love everything about it. You can also make the beautiful bride look like yourself. But anyways I love this game and I hope other people do too. Fabulous!

Cute game, one problem My daughter loved this game at first, but at the very end when you get to see the girl all dressed up, a black box pops up over her face. It was a bit of a disappointment that she didn't get to see everything put together. Highly Recommend.

I like it but after a while it gets boring. Why don't you add wedding dresses from other countries and at the end instead of just showing the girl in the setting you should have her walk down the isle and get married. That would make it more fun. But over all its a fun game. Works great

Wedding salon It was good I liked it. I like games that are makeup, dress up ,and spa and the wedding salon is the game. The only thing I do not like is you have to pay for the lock items Brilliant

Lots of fun, but does cost $$ The game is fun & has many options to keep you interested. The graphics are beautiful. My suggestions for improvement would be to offer a few more background choices (the only one I like is the church scene) & to lower the price (however when you pay, all options & all models are unlocked). Great job

Most things are locked I loved playing the game but a lot of the cool stuff is locked. Could you at least make it so that people can earn those items? Superb!

Kathy I have something for you. I know. But there is SUPPOSED to be a black square on her face. And you're very brave to say what's on your mind. And agree with Bailey. Oh, but I'm sorry for not giving this app 5 starries! !! :0 SO SORRRRY. love it

TLove it! Always get libii games cause there so fun! Yay! Love it! This game is fun my mom is getting married and I'm helping her. I'm helping my mom with her dress make up and more. Realy love this game! Btw libii games are always fun. Recommend

This game is really fun. You should play it when your board at times. That's when I play the game when I'm board I love this game. Even tho it dosent have all the characters unlocked. LOVE IT THANKS TO WHO EVER INVENTED IT!!! Enjoy it!

Galaxy 3 Everytime my daughter finishes styling the hair and the face...the large image (full body view) shows a black box where the face should be. Please fix this. I also have princess salon and it does the same thing. Works great

It's a really good game but I wish everything wasn't locked. U only get Jessica as ur unlocked bride. So I decided 2 uninstall this app from my phone. Omg

Loved it! Perfect for a little girl It's really cool. When you buy the full version is totally worth it. And its not that expensive. Two Thumbs Up !! love it

Awesome but Its great game really time taking but... How do u unlock the other girls and the other things without having to buy it we can win stars or something right u guya gould do that Worth it!

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