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The best ever game I have downloaded and I will never delete the game. I love it because it is very sweet, amazing.,cool,Awesome etc................ Those who are saying bad about these game they are mad Flawless

It is a good game but it has too many ads n they keep disturbing me while playing the game..... Muito bom!

Very nice game I loved this game but It has too many ads that's why this game called boring but it is very nice game please download this game Worth a go!

The game is good but there is too much adds that make me disturb while playing other wise game is goid☺ Must have

superb game ..I just love this game and the dresses are just 5 star

Indian love things game those people who hate it are hate by the game Perfect!

At first, this game seems to very nice and it is actually nice but after some time it feels boring to play the game. It should have some levels which will make the game more interesting. love it

This game is good but having too much of ads which us disturbing , irritating that is why only three ⭐⭐⭐stars. Must have

This is a very interesting game.But not for many days.You will be boared after some days.As I am 9.8 years old so I am not writing to much about this game. Muito bom!

It is very beautiful game. I am like it and my elder sister also love it. She always play it when she is sad or in tension. Works great

Whatever I listen about this game is that boring every game is not boring nd don't be so silly who saying is not good its fantastic,brilliant I love it thumbs up for this love it

I loved this app and its amazing. ILoved the Some games something will be locked. But in this game nothing is locked. love it

This is a good game but it was getting bore after some time but whenever I have some interest in this games the advertisement disturb me so I hate this game so don't disturb me to rate this game. . Enjoy it!

Wow is super game all are telling too many ads but ads will come when wifi or net is on it's very nice game love it

it is a very good game l will give them a nice slap who will not give 5 star to this app. Fantastic

It's my favourite game forever . If you want to play very well games so play this Recommend

Please don't download it! Its such a worst game as it needs lots of time to install. Works perfectly

Wedding saloon is a wonderful game I ever played. excellent game you created and I want to know who created this wonderful game Perfect!

Good but too many adds I think the game is really fun but there is too many adds i would rate it 5 stars if it had no adds or at least not so many adds. Muito bom!

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