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1 u have to bye everything. 2 u have to wait 2 hours to decorate the place. And 3 some of the gowns are ugly Not bad

It is a very nice good beautiful romantic wonderful amazing game if all things are unlocked then Coco tabtale game will be number 1 game Recommend

Its awesome but... Some people said this is kinda boring but... I'll try it and see it its boring if it is thani guess I'll just you know I'll just delete it :( well I'll go try it :) Recommend

This game is soooooooooo awesome and cooooooooool thanks but some things are loked please unlocked them and it's not boring I like it Pretty good

In this game the dressup,makeup,cake designer are OK.But unlock the marriage ceremany takes 5 hours.Its boring yaaaaaaaaa..........please change this.Atleast minimum 2 hours to change. Muito bom!

Ppl u know what ik there r adds but who cares? Huh I don't care of too many ads well idc get over it it's so cute and nice only two or three or ONE place locked who cares huh I still love it!!! Perfect!

its not that bad but!! why there are adds and you have to buy thing its not goood Great!

First of all of your games are closed and you have to buy evrything the games are really original and i lome them but the game is just the same thing .. Pretty good

I liked it but it always froze at the loading screen. That's the only reason I got rid of it..but hey good job. Still a cool game. Muito bom!

Lags constantly. Doesn't use all the items I designed. Has such potential, but is still lacking. wow lol

It's OK but, why should I need to pay money if this game is free and I hate the ads of the game. Fantastic

Game very super and why no update I want to update this game then only I can enjoy game because hairstyles ,spa were locked so please who edited plsss give update k plsssssssss Highly Recommend.

Add more tops for dress like offshoulder and skirts let there be short dresses and give us a chance to choose the venue let there be both services (ceremony and reception). The rest is fine Well done!!

I didn't give full Stars because we want to play the same things but it is good install it Pretty good

Please call tyuiokmnvv I was wondering how much you want to go to bed 8 jg. If you have any questions you may have been the best way for me Good

I know it's a game have with too many ad step I have a lot of Coco games mean guys who said it's boring you're stupid love it

Why are some of the things locked?,and i updated it and the game is still ecxactly the same?The game is very nice but....I am uninstalling this game. Muito bom!

Over all I like this game but it have one problem they gave us a package that contains all things which are used in this game but it costs real money if they changed it is wow!! Game and all stores are not opened for it also a package is contains wow lol

Mostly everything was lot but it was still a fun game I just hope they unlock some things Great!

It's very good game mainly the small baby was very very very cute ,smart and beautiful totally the game was perfect especially the cocoplay games was amazing but they have unlocked the Spa,photo etc..... So, I request you to no need to unlock the spa,photo etc..... So,please open spa,photo etc..... .In the game. Thank you. Great job

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