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Good reference tool I regularly utilize the symptom checker to get a rough idea of what might be wrong before I see my doctor. Pretty good

It is a great app So good for hypochondriacs like myself and good yo just have a general idea of whats going on with your body needs a option to click if your pregnant wow lol

Not accurate I hate a fever of 102.7. Nausea and vomiting and abdominal pain on upper right, back aches and chills. And my head aches, plus I'm lightheaded when standing. WebMD insists I have muscle strain in my back. Hello!?! How about flu or gall bladder? The aches go with the fever. My back is fine. Poor quality app. Superb!

It's Okay It was not bad yet it was not good either. Hence, my rating of three stars. My main concern was that I was sick and it WANTED ME TO PINPOINT IT ON MY BODY?! That part made ZERO sense. I just deleted the app after that. Like what? You want me, to locate a sickness on my body? Makes no sense. Thats like saying to locate where your unidentified disease is on your body. The concept is just no. Omg

I LOVE WEBMD My must have and go to guide daily for myself, family, and friends. I'm a chronic pain patient and on pain management, so this is perfect for me to reference. wow lol

Awesome! Whenever I feel sick or unwell I do a quick chekup on this app to know my health status and if I need to stop by the doctor for further help. It also gave me more insight on health. I just wish this app had some research on acne and remedies for it! But I don't have any other problems with this app! Its incredible! Works perfectly

Miracle App I live in Chronic Pain, Chronic Migraines plus MORE. This app has been Very Helpful!! I have found ways to exercise, eat a bit better in which I have lost over 200 pounds.... 5 star

Good app I would give it 5 stars if it didn't need access to my camera. That is kinda creepy. Works great

Needs updating!!******* No info on blood sugar!! Dont get me wrong, this app seems to be wonderful for various types of seemingly everything. Except... i give it three stars because a suggestion to the developers is to do an update on the information. I downloaded the app looking specifically for information on low blood sugar and there was absolutely nothing what so ever, so im a little disappointed with that, but thats okay. Hopefully it will be released in an update. But its not enough to make me give a necessarily bad review. Jesus loves you! Well done!!

Pretty Cool! Not a bad app at all. It can give you some reassurance if you can't get into a doctor right away and answer some questions you may have. Only thing.. why does it need your camera access? Bit weird to me. Perfect!

Decent app Gives me everything I need to look things up and check on certain symptoms and medications. Could be a little more user friendly. Been having an issue with the a-z list, it always scrolls to the top and the side slide bar does not work well for fast scrolling. Highly Recommend.

Excellent info I'm in need of finding out info regarding raynauds syndrome & scloderma, this is the app I've found out info so far Surprisingly

Not able to change profile I am not able to change the profile in the symptoms checker section for other people to use the app on my phone. Please help !! Enjoy it!

It is better & less expensive than going to the doctor office. 5 star

Useless it needs internet connection even then 6+mb size. No stars

Needs bigger font size. useless

Like app but It's a very impressive app with one huge issue. When you input a list of symptoms, you receive a list of possible conditions but it is a list for every symptom you put in. It should be smart enough to only put conditions that might apply to all of the symptoms you put in. Well done!!

Amaaazing Would love for there to be a "condition of the day" feature!! New hint for an update Cool

My Medicine I like the way it tells me my medicine interactions and FDA warnings and Alerts me. Too many medical conditions, too many medicines. Great!

Like app but... Why do you need access to my camera? Seems a bit leery and strange. Is it really necessary??? Brilliant

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