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I like it a lot It helps me to not want go to the hospital for every little thing. When I am concerned about a particular ailment or medication, I'll plug it in the WebMD App and it'll either help calm my nerves or have concerns that I can address to the doctor or nurse when I see them. Sometimes when I enter a particular medication or ailment, it'll have several things that come up or none at all. The none at all is a bit troubling but then I'll have to ask a person or take it to the Internet, not social media. Not bad

Awesome App! Everyone should download it It's Great! It's simple to use & gives me enough info that I need about Meds, Symp, short explanation to include the possibilities "Why" my physician has chosen it, & Side effects etc....if I feel I need further Info, at that point I would obviously turn to my pharmacist Physician for further info etc....I don't understand Why people are giving this app so much negativity, simply because you can't expect Any app to answer Everything! I highly recommend this app as I have done with Family & Friends Highly Recommend.

Be Careful.... Using symptoms to help diagnose a problem can easily send your mind running in multiple directions. It"s very easy to become overwhelmed when your symptoms seem to match multiple medical conditions some of which can be real unnerving. Just remember to use this app as a too to assist you in making informed medical divisions along with your's not to be used to replace your physician. 5 star

An amazing way to annoy my physician! Now I don't even need to listen to my doctor's professional opinion! I just walk in, tell them what the internet said, and demand a second opinion when he tells me I don't have brain cancer and it's only a head cold. A real life saver! Good

WebMd I enjoy reading the information provided by WebMD has many medical topics. I am a retired nurse and so WebMD helps me keep up with changes going on. wow lol

Pretty cool Overall the app is really good and has good information. However, we I tap on the hand it goes me a list of possible things that could be wrong with the whole arm. Recommend

Wonderful and accurate I often have a new diagnosis every few months because I have a lot of medical problems and when I have to wait weeks for the doctor to check me out, it gives me a little bit of peace to have some sort of idea of what I have. And I know docs hate WebMD but if you know how to use it right and you remember that they are possible conditions, and that you don't actually have them until you're diagnosed, then webMD can be very useful and helpful. Fabulous!

My "In Home" Doctor If you need medical input and answers, this is the app for you! THE go-to source for medical questions, symptoms check ups, advice, drug interactions, and so much else too numerous to mention. Not to be substituted for serious issues, but for a quick and easy determination for anything medical, this is the best thing short of having a doctor on call. Must have

WOW Love it so much I find myself pretending with the symptom checker just to see what I can conjure up as fake illnesses, lmao. Awesome

Great app! Very informative for a quick reference to various medical related subjects. Especially like the prescription information. When I was unsuccessful finding my prescription on another app, I tried Web Med and immediately found the information. Just wow

Great app to have Just downloaded it for a few questions found out i use it more tha. I thought very infomative and resourceful Marvelous

Wow. This is the best app I ever download on my phone, I already recommend it to my family's and I'll definitely recommend it to you guys as well, thanks to the creaters and developers of this app I were able to get all the info I needed about a bruise I got on my chest. love it

Love this! I have anxiety so I always play around with the symptom checker. This is a great app for people who are constantly worrying about having "something wrong." It is also good for those more serious issues where you're just not sure if you should go yo the drs or not. I am very happy I downloaded this app! 5 stars! Brilliant

So Valuable! In a pinch...find a doctor, a pharmacy, check symptoms and locate hospitals with a few clicks and get directions to ease your stress. Fantastic

Incredible app! In fact, this app provide so useful many information and easy to find it. Thanks so much developer. I recommend everyone to use it when u want to know about your health condition. 5 star :) Great!

Informative But really hard to get use to and some what glitchy. All in all, it's most common response is to consult a doctor and I would suggest the same. Other than that, great way to learn new things about our own body and how to keep ourselves healthy. Well done!!

Great health app. WebMD is proving to be a fantastic, useful & accurate med resource to refer. Fantastic

Best of its kind This is a very helpful & informative app for those days when you just want to read it yourself or those days when you can't make it to the doctor. It has helped me with my anxiety, when I didn't even know it was anxiety, it has helped me to know more about my health, & the fact that it has a personal touch, it definitely deserves 5 stars. It has never once let me down. Perfect!

What? Why do u need access to my old pics? Makes no sense to me. Im aware u have a pretty informative site but your premissions are outta line, makes me wonder now if you have unscrupulous 3rd party involved? Highly Recommend.

Pregnancy bleeding Not miscarriage all the time 20-30 0/0 of women do this dure 1st trimester no pain occurred Amazing!

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