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Health care provider! If all the contents are accessible offline, like the medscape apps. Then it will be great.. Recommend to download WebMD for Android APK.

General use outside USA only! It doesn't accept post codes for Australia & other countries mentioned already. But bigger issue for me is obviously Australian medications not found. However for use in general ie. symptom checker its ok.. Recommend to take WebMD for Android APK.

Postal Code Issue! It seems useful. I've looked up information on Web MD online for years for personal and business use. But the main reason I downloaded the app for Android was to help me locate new physicians for my children. When the Zip Code feature works properly I'll return a better rating.. Recommend to download WebMD for Android APK.

#health-app Awesome!!!! Im a medical student and I love this app. It's too helping. Thx guys, good job.

#keeping-me-on-track Definitely handy! Great layout, not conclusive enough, good graphics and smoothness, good information

#keeping-me-on-track Amazing! Amazing app, offers endless information aswell as solutions and its totally free. . Best app on the market without a doubt.

Helpful! Whenever I am worried about a medical issue, a non-emergency, I look up the symptoms. It helps me decide if I need to see a doctor or not. You can never replace a doctor, so go if you're having serious issues, but this can help with symptoms I don't understand.

#first-aid Not as good as before! Great app, but other apps have health news. This feature was great and I don't understand why you got rid of it. I would also like to see drug dosages.

Symptoms! Is a wonderful app. But for women it should ask if your pregnant so if your not it removes those related conditions. I just had a baby 4 months ago. Kinda imposible to have premature labor when im not pregnant anymore.

Web MD! I love this app. Comming from the field and working in a clinic now, its much easier to confirm my logic or dispute another logic for our patients. My leiutenit has been more than impressed. If only the drugs were broken up and divided by what they are used for id give this app a 6/5 nice job and good on you the developers

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