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Cyber hypochondria As much as I like the idea of having a medical text at your fingertips those with cyber hypochondria should avoid this app at all cost. Remember that you are not a doctor and if you have a tingling sensation in your foot it does not mean you're going to die. Fantastic

Provides good preliminary info on possible physical ailments. An excellent way to understand what medicines do for you, and an outstanding medical reference for non-medical people. Fabulous!

The greatest I don't have any medical conditions and I rarely get sick but I do find this app very informative. I highly recommend this app. Cool

Sometimes right Most the time, I can't get a diagnosis because the app doesn't understand my symptoms. Sometimes it does well, though. Worth it!

Excellent little tool for what it is. Simple research guide for quick, digestible answers. You're not going to perform surgery from this app, but you may set your (or someone else's) mind at ease with an answer after the Dr/Pharmacy closed. Perfect

What happened to the pill identifier section? I would give it a higher rating. Symptom Checker needs tweaking, it takes to long. Flawless

Very Very Helpful This is an excellent app!! There has been no medical condition that I needed to look up for info that wasn't available in this app. It really is excellent for a quick and accurate details on I would bet any medical condition you might have. Good

This app is fantastic. They did a great job on designing it as to help prevent people from thinking they somehow have a strange and rare disease. 5 star

I just got this app but I love it soo much already. I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder and constantly fear I have something seriously wrong or am ill. This app made me feel better because I put in symptoms and popped up anxiety as #1 result. Also has a lot of great information :) Highly Recommend.

Closest thing to a doctor without going to one...mostly It's been fairly spot on most the time but it would be nice if their was a more detailed diagnosis section for like if one is in pain at rest and not while active. Well done!!

4 for now I just need to spend more time with the app before I can give it a 5 star rating. So far its proven useful.

WebMD there is some issues that can't be detected when find issues in direct spots. the list will not break down parts of the digestive track or ect. but overall it will assist in finding most causes.

So far so good Didn't use it too often but so far this app provided or give me answer I was looking for

Awesome app!!! Very helpful & informative!!! I was having symptoms that I thought weren't so serious so I was waiting to talk to my Dr at an appt, about week later. I decided to look up my symptoms on WebMD to get an idea of things to ask my Dr. As I was typing in my symptoms an alert popped up that said I should seek immediate medical attention and to go to an emergency room right away. So I called the hospital, spoke with a nurse, and she too told me to come in asap. Sure enough I had a very serious problem that couldn't wait.

Web. MD (Phone) I find it very helpful!!! Lots of information!!! What to do, when to see your doctor, questions to ask your doctor, food's to eat and stay away from!!! You need to use your own judgment, some times you may be dealing with more than one illness at a time, food's & exercise, your regular physician would be best to keep in touch with!!! I give it 5 stars!!! Easy to use & read & comprehend!!! THANK YOU WebMD Kimberly Colvin Flawless

Best place for questions Always see your Medical Provider. But for any medical questions you may have about your children, spouse, yourself, medications, etc...This is the most thorough & trusted site I've ever come across in years. (I also trust the Mayo Clinic. That should give you an idea how trusted and complete this site is.) It also has a Symptom Checker. So those of us that may jump to conclusions, and think the worst, go here first-and Call & make an appointment with your Doctor. Enjoy it!

It's just OK for me... I don't like that you can touch a part on the body & it brings up symptoms for a completely wrong area. The app does some strange things. Works perfectly

Useful & informative app. Easy to use app.I got useful information about my problem. On the basis of which I could select the right doctor for consultation. However, to locate a suitable doctor I tried another app. Worth a go!

The Gold Standard A gold standard; very through and comprehensive. No major/minor flaws that I have found. Wish they had 6 *so I could justifiably rate higher.... updated. Sure would like a non ad version, current ads are annoying. Go well

WebMD I like this Web site it has a lot of good information on different types of illnesses and health problems along with treatments. But coming from a nursing standpoint it's not always completely right or understandable. Worth it!

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