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Quick info My daughter can go into anaphylactic shock with tree pollen and this is a quick look for me to check the pollen in the air. I am able to know to give other meds or keep her protected indoors. Id give 5 stars if it had the pollen count. Worth a go!

Pretty good It is pretty good, however there have been several times its been way off. I think maybe finding a more accurate system would be helpful to this app. Just wow

Good for general use I wish I could input what I'm allergic to and get updates/track that. This is great for checking general levels of allergens and tracking your symptoms. Thus, I do appreciate the app. I just wish for the input feature, so I only get exactly what I need.

Relieved I'm glad I was referred to this app! I think I even found what triggers my allergies!

Very good It's helping me see what's causing my allergies. It would get a fifth star if it had a link to determine what allergens are in the air. Also a tracker on ozone/smog levels would be helpful.

So Far a Great App I love the widget but wish I could customize it especially the background. I have used other apps but stick with this one. It works with all my devices including rooted ones. If the widget was more customizable is given it 5 stars. Alerts would be nice.

Has potential This app is nice for tracking seasonal allergies . if tracking of food allergies could be done it would be even better.

Allergy Alert Very good app that informs me of the daily allergy alerts. I have better awareness of my symptoms concerning my Asthma and allergies and how to treat them for the day.

I love this App! This app is very helpful for me because I have allergies really bad & I can prepare for spending time outdoors!

Great at telling you what the day will have I wish you could view past days to see what they had so if you had a bad weekend you could look on Monday and see what was going on those days. Also, it would be nice to plot some symptoms against allergies with severity. But it is the only app I know that provides the information it gives. For that I am thankful.

Pretty awesome Its pretty helpful. I have to say this app is awesome. Im able to track symptoms to discuss with my doctor.

Young chronic allergy sufferer I'm a 28 year old professional from San Antonio, Texas that has the misfortune of suffering from multiple allergies. Knowing what allergens are in the air gives me lots of leeway for battling the reaction and allowing me to get through the day with as little interruption as possible. This application is a terrific help!

Love love love I love that this app gives me a heads up on what to expect for the day. Especially with as severe as my allegies are, it doesn't hurt to be prepared!

Helpful I used every really help you to track the allergies and write notes, personally it help me to stay away from pills when it show that is not a high allergies day...I really recommend this app ....for people with bad allergies like me (:)

Allergy App I check it daily, first thing in the morning. Very helpful that it tells which allergen is high, helpful hints on relief as well as UV index. Very good app.

4.5 rating WebMD I like to see what I can expect of the day Allergy wise and know what may need special attention or what I shouldn't do outdooors.

Helps alot When you need to know it's there for you, I like it tells me what is in the air and how high they are, also has many other issues you can address with this application, at the end where you can put notes really preciate that. A +

Only app for dust. Only app reporting dust or to give pollen counts by type of irritant. But, no forecast past today. NO SYMPTOM TRACKER--FALSE ADVERTISING: You can "record" your symptoms for the day but not access your past records nor generate any reports. Useless and frustrating to spend all that time trying to figure out how to use a feature that doesn't exist

Calendar? Why can't I just look at a calendar to see previous days, track symptoms of previous days, look at trends. Greatly lacking features...

Inaccurate pollen counts Three reputable sources for my area said dangerously high pollen counts today but this app said none on all but trees and that said low. I do like the symptom tracker though. Perfect!

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