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Previous version pairing issues. I couldn't pair it with my Pixel XL but with OS and app updates over the winter it paired straight away. No issues... Superb!

Notification no longer displays on notification bar. it had every probs temp in a bubble at the top before this update. I've uninstalled and reinstalled same problem wow lol

Dropped out a few times during the cook and then no alarm went off when it reached target temperature. Could be improved with alarm and Android Wear connection to receive notifications. Great!

Took a great app and made it useless. I used this for years to keep track of my smoker temps for BBQing, Not Grilling, now I can't get it to do anything it used to do. There's a special place in **** for the people who took this app and did this to it. EDIT: After being contacted by Weber and going back into the app and lots of "tinkering", I was able to find the features that were, ONCE, readily accessible and usable. It's, still, no where nearly as user friendly as the app once was, but at least it's still able to do what it used to, to some degree. But not nearly as well or as easily as it originally did when first released. Worthy of at least 1 more star. I guess. I think, many of the lower ratings here are from people, like me, who were original users. The newer users just don't jnow how well it was. Fabulous!

Actually works great. Once paired with my devices. I highly recommend restarting your device once you've installed this app then pair your devices. Connects right away afterwards. Monitoring meat temp easily with app. Presets are ok but setting my own temp by selecting Other gives me options to create my own temp settings and save for future grilling. Perfect!

I now get notifications on my watch! Awesome! The biggest miss is that it doesn't have a way to predict when the meat will finish based upon how quickly it is cooking. I have an LCD thermometer that does this, why can't this? Also - there should be a way for the app to know when you are only varying by 1-2 degrees when set to monitor range and the temp changes over a very short period so you don't get unnecessary alerts. Brilliant

Like the idea of the app. Like many I had issues with losing connections. Then it not reconnecting. Also had a issue of a phantom 4th probe showing at over 500deg but I did not have a 4th probe connected. Well done!!

I have to turn on GPS just to connect to my igrill and now I'm out of town and it keeps trying to connect. Think it might have drained my battery wow lol

It's okay except for a bug I've found in the app when using a iGrill Mini. Weber support have been unable to resolve it. Hopefully by mentioning the issue here the app developers can fix the bug. Issue I have is to the with the smart LED on the iGrill Mini the led is ment to show different colours are you're getting close to the pre-set meat temperature. It all works fine if you have the app set to Fahrenheit but I cook in Celsius. Just say set the ready cooking temp to 63C the iGrill Mini device will act as if I've set it to 63F cause as soon as the probe reads over 18C (which is the equivalent to 63F) it will start to flash red (out of temperature range). To me this sounds like a programming error in the app itself and hopefully it can be resolved. By the way I have tried taking the battery out and doing a reset and it made no difference. Worth it!

Updated - Seems to be working much better. Connectivity has greatly improved. I will try to update my review as I get more use after the latest firmware update. Fantastic

Kudos for working on Oreo now 8.1. App seems to work. Only thing I see now is what appears to be a lot of gaps in temps in the charts. I am unsure what that is. Maybe phone disconnecting then coming back. I thought the base would keep that until connected but not sure. Worth it!

App works great. Done some serious slow cooked meat with it. Edit: been doing brisket and pork shoulder on my Mastertouch kettle. Had to get an iGrill 2 for my dad as well and he loves it. Perfect

I love this app, but if you're on Android 8.0 good luck getting the Bluetooth to connect! After upgrading to 8.1 I am once again quite happy with the features of this app. Awesome

Old app was great, then Weber ruined it for no reason. Now, it's useable, but still not as good as the old app. This doesn't make me want to buy any other Weber products. Not bad

Is there any way to get the old app back? Be nice if this actually worked with the device I have, but when it works it's good. Works great

Ok app. Won't let me set temp range on ambient probe anymore. Can't change alert sound. Won't let you set an alarm if ambient probe gets out of range. But I can still monitor temps. Needs work Worth a go!

I had a few problems at first but customer support worked through all of them and even sent me a new probe. The app and the device works fine. Thank you Not bad

Changing review from 1 to 3 stars because after phone updated to 8.1 I could now pair the device. Will have to do a cook to see how well it works. Worth it!

Worked great right off. Paired instantly and all features perform as advertised. Found out my Masterbuilt temp control is off about 5 degrees. Not bad, but I like perfection :) ( I love my Masterbuilt 30in). Pretty good

Very cool app. It connected right away and works great. So far it has been easy to use and connects right away. I've had no problems with it at all. I do a lot of grilling and the connected thermometer and app are awesome. I love it! Perfect!

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