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Good application for my smartwatch, but would be great if it runs smooth or not too slow because of image download from the web. May be just like opera or something. Recommend

Works exactly as well as you would expect a web browser to work on a 1 inch screen Cool

Best browser, but in browser not Showing (Word suggestions-Auto Correction.)... Plz reply your answer Great!

Really love the app. Having my Twitter feed available in a pinch is great. Would love to scroll with the scroll wheel on my Fossil Q Explorist. It is really awkward being able to scroll through everything on my watch besides this app. Perfect

Great web service, but it kinda forced me to buy the full version. I didn't mind it because it was only a dollar though so that was pretty cool. One major complaint I have with this is it's a huge power soaker. I can use this for five minutes and drain my battery about 3%. Otherwise great app and would recommend to a friend! Flawless

I PAID 9.99 for the apps for android wear. But the apps are still not upgrading to the premium. I looked in Google play purchases it shows were I PAID 9.99. What can the developer do to fix the problem Brilliant

Utilizing the app is work as not everything fits (not quite compatible), visually incomplete, and tricky to maneuver. Acessing buttons and features are also an obstacle. If these were solved and fixed, it would be sooo much better Recommend

edit: everything works after a few days OLD Bought the unlock all package and after restoring my watch all your apps say they need me to purchase unlock. Is there a way around this? Lemme know so I can change the review. Perfect

A great app to use the internet on my watch you cannot do it without it bought it as a bundle $9.99 for about 10 apps good price if you want to surf the web this is what you need Marvelous

It works fine on the watch, but just in case I don't have my phone with me and I want to read something on the web. In fact, watch screen is not a good thing to use for web browser, because it is too small. Overall I like it even I rarely use it. Thanks Omg

A bit slow. Should load faster especially in the newer watchs that have enough processing hardware Amazing!

The only way to browse on Android Wear. However, it is a little slow. Some feature requests: A) An option to disable image loading (text-only mode for better speed and battery life). B) A black and white low power screen timeout mode like the Google Keep wear app. C) An option to use a smaller font! Must have

Please remove that notification that keeps showing up on my watch which simply says "Find out what's new on the web" over and over again, all day. It's annoying and totally unnecessary. I have the paid version BTW. Omg

The keyboard is up and i cant see what i type. please check your email i send you photo Superb!

Sure would like the developer to sort the bookmark issues I have mailed twice about. Huawei watch, wear 2.0. Watch app no bookmark menu! Highly Recommend.

It's okay I wish it would load faster tho. So when I look up something it doesn't take an whole 5 mins love it

It's an excellent concept. It's a shame however that many websites aren't quite easily navigable on a two-inch screen. Fantastic

Good app I love how I can use a browser on my smartwatch. It works well they have a good deal going on you get browser, messaging and two or three more apps for 10 bucks it's well worth it! With these apps my smartwatch works like it should and picks up the ball where Android Wear drops it. Worth a go!

Amazing, good to see that my responsive design website actually works on my watch! Perfect

It is insane to think that I have a full web browser on my wrist. This app is so useful, and even though it is slightly slower than your phone's browser, it comes in handy a lot. Not bad

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