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Looking for another weather app for my Sony Xperia 5 Compact since the latest changes to WZ. The lack of detail in the 7 day forecast, esp the rainfall amount and percentage, is really disappointing. Rain radar is now of limited value with only two settings and my home location permanently now on the very edge of the display. A real backward 'improvement'. Flawless

Just updated for the first time in a while and not a fan of the new layout. It's enough to make me want to uninstall the app and just use the website. Just don't change the website!!! I've been paying for the extras for 4-5 years now and I'd hate to lose it. Superb!

Radar is great although a little clunky. Would be good to be able to zoom in and out easier without having to go to the national radar. Ads are bit annoying but that's the deal with free apps isn't it! Worth a go!

It's ok, but the widget says it's raining all the time. It can't be raining if the sky is clear! Must have

Forced onto a new app when old Pro app broke. New app is awful and now have to resubcribe to get rid of ads. Switching to Willy Weather Enjoy it!

Good app, although the widgets appear to have stopped working, ad no longer update as they should, nor do they take you to the app when you touch it. The new layout changes might take a while to get used to Works great

Middle of the night and widget still displaying a sun icon. Alternatively, bright and sunny and app displaying a crescent moon. What's with that? Also icon randomly disappears rendering classic widget useless until it somehow reappears. Anyway, it's still ok but much preferred the old interface. Simpler to take in. Originally rated the full 5 stars. Now only warrants 3. Worth a go!

The app tells me what I want, when I want it. I can go as high level or detailed as I wish on the weather. Only sad thing is that when I travelled overseas recently, it didn't have all the cities I visited and I had to use another weather app while there. All-in-all, great for the weather deets. Marvelous

By far the best Weather app out there!! Unlike some apps, it's clear and easy to read and understand. I'm still learning the finer nuances but I don't feel that it'll take long. Recommend

Lots of issues with the new app. Months after reporting basic issues with faulty conversion kmh to knots, they still haven't fixed it completely. Supplied screenshots on multiple occasions. I expect better as a subscriber! Go well

Best weather app by far. I am having trouble changing locations from the widget though. Only since last update Pretty good

Recently this app has becone temperamental and does not open reliably - it loads background images and nothing else. I actually deleted and reinstalled a week ago, and it has not improved. In addition, my location is outside the default radar map displayed. If I change my location to another more northern town, I can force my city to appear, but that is a workaround. My city has dropped off the edge of the map and reappeared in the past.... not too happy with the issue recurring. Update location was fixed, and has now broken again. ..... have to use a whole state radar to see Bendigo - can't see if I'm in Bendigo, can't see if I'm in Echuca (100km away). Go well

Why change something that doesn't need fixing especially when you make it worse. I have used Weatherzone Plus for years but decided too give the new version a try. I quite like the new interface but can't get any notifications to work. I've tried several times to make notifications permanent but it automatically reverts back to none. I have gone back to Weatherzone plus where the notifications actually work. Amazing!

This is a good app but at the moment it has some bugs. Having trouble changing location. Most of the time it won't change. Also, it constantly uses location services. The icon stays on all the time unless I turn location services off Great job

This latest review has slowed the whole thing down terribly ! Takes ages to startup now Works great

Tells me what I want to know (predicted weather for the week) as well as the 48hr forecast. Sometimes it'd be great to have the detailed forecast for the week as well. Highly Recommend.

It was great until the update. I find it much less user friendly now. The ad sponsors will be pleased. It's like all ads and the weather is a secondary priority. Fabulous!

The new design is good, some of it needs modifying slightly and then I'd give it five stars Highly Recommend.

The radar keeps freezing, i found i need to force close the app for it load properly. Frustrating Works great

Accuracy has improved since I installed it acouple of weeks ago. I am happy to see the pictures Surprisingly

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