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I love this app, but is there any chance next update you could change the clock back to hh:mm format? I don't like h:mm Works perfectly

I used to love this app but now it's so vague. For example today it says the top temp will be 31 degrees yet in the description beneath it says max temp will be between 33 and 40 and that's a HUGE difference. It's just really frustrating. It also always comes up with severe weather warnings constantly and then not long after cancellations of said weather warnings. It's not reliable at all. Just wow

great forcasting better than any ive used or others on site using pre installed ios and standard android apps. I've used this for years as a registered paid member on my samsung phone. trying latest version on my tab3, looks like your serious about tablets finally, thankyou. Keep up the dev. yoga tab3 plus before now not good, thanks for making this tablet friendly. twist my arm to subsribe as my phones once off payment i am having trouble to connect to log as an inclusion my tablet. Fabulous!

Had the update for a while and I've really tried to like it, however I am not a fan of this new design. Harder to find the info I want. It isn't intuitive as it once was. If I swipe right, it sometimes gets mixed up with scrolling. No hierarchy with presented information. I have a Samsung S8 and it is a long phone. My eye naturally looks at the middle. All the info I need is at the bottom. I get you are trying to show some nice photos but I really just want to know what weather is throughout the day. Having said that I do love the chart which shows the humidity and rainfall! Brilliant

Comprehensive information, great visuals, and up to date and time. Wouldn't mind having the radar maps accessible via the main pages rather through the side menu. Update: the % chance of rain in the written prognosis often doesn't match the value in the tabulated forecast. Update for the latest version. Not happy that I now have to pay to get rid of ads when I previously already paid for it. Was supposed to get 1 year ad-free because I switched over, but nothing happened even though I registered. No complaints about the app performance though. Still as good as before. Marvelous

On occasions the BOM site is sometimes unreachable on my tablet , but not so WeatherZone. It's never failed me yet. Not even once. That's why I now stick with WZ all the time. Fantastic

Hey for some reason I can't view the satellite and radar. Keeps coming up with unable to download data and to check settings but all are correct. This is also happening to everyone I know who uses this app...any idea why and can you fix this problem? Works perfectly

It's fine as far as a weather app goes. But seems to be broken as of Jan 2018. Have an ERROR at the top and no buttons work and settings freezes the app. Also can't launch from widget, not sure what happened there...need it for my work and will have to look elsewhere if not fixed. Great features and nice widget none the less. Great job

A great app gets better. Thanks! BoM data means that it's reliable. Widget occasionally fails on my Moto G. So glad you fixed the radar animation problem, though! Flawless

Have enjoyed using this app for quite some time but now all I get is an error message so I can't even get my weather anymore. Please fix this issue or I will be looking for another weather app. Go well

Can't check radar last two days. It says error loading data, check connection and settings. My connection and settings are fine so I cleared cache, that didn't help either. Uninstalled app, when I reinstalled it was still the same. Tried emailing support through the app, it won't even let me do that. It says enter a valid email address, my email address is valid and works for everything else. Not happy when I can't even contact support Worth a go!

I keep getting an error msg at the top of my screen. 'Unable to download weather data' I've uninstalled, internet is connected. I don't understand why this is there not why it won't go away Recommend

This app is good but in the span of a day the lightning alert has been removed from the free version, not very happy. Was valuable information. The widget also now does not open to show more details when touched on screen and does not show the icon of the weather. The update has ruined it, another update needs to be done to fix this. Well done!!

Looses a star because tapping on the widget mostly fails to launch the app. I have to keep a weatherzone icon to launch app which is annoying. Never used to have this problem. Omg

It's now a very tight race between this and Yahoo Weather for best weather app. The update others are complaining about is a godsend for those wanting to know more than just what the high and low is. The charts are clear, the layout is not too dense and I totally understand the move to a subscription model. These guys are collecting weather information constantly, which needs a more consistent income than the occasional app purchase. Ads are barely present at the moment and easy to ignore. Highly Recommend.

Too bloody slow to come up and c where the storms are coming from.needs to improve fastness onto screen. Pretty good

Clear, concise and we'll laid out. As a gardener, I rely heavily on weather predictions, and this app is fantastic. Great job

Information is good most of the time. New upgrades give a professional looking app that is frustrating to navigate. The constant pop up looking for a review is irritating and the cost for pro is ridiculous. This is a weather app for crying out loud. All information, including extensive weather and storm photos, is available free of charge so what can we, the people paying for your service/paying your salary, possibly be covering that is required in a weather app. Amazing!

Best weather app I've found and I've tried most of them. The small yearly subscription fee is worth it too. Feature request: The UV rating tells us what the max will be for the day, it would be great if we could get the current UV rating. We need to keep an eye on this in Australia, the melanoma capital of the world! Fabulous!

It shows me day by day or hour by hour what's going to happen. I can see possible rain and uv predictions. All I need. Pretty good

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