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Very useful information, but estimated temperatures are different to official weather bureau and other weather sites. Why would that be? Fabulous!

Works well, easy to get current and future info. Weatherpulse segment is interesting. Just wow

This is a great tool to keep a check on whats going on with the weather look at it all the time Not bad

Clear presentation of the information you need, and reasonable accuracy. still seems to do a better job predicting precipitation where I live. Super responsive support if you're unlucky enough to uncover a bug. Fantastic

Have this app since whoever knows when, but ever since I've updated my S8 to Oreo, I cant open the app anymore, weather data still updating on widget tho Amazing!

I had weatherzone plus on my phone which I paid for.loved the app but I went to reinstall it and now it's not even in the play store??? Can anyone help Brilliant

Lost a bit gloss after recent update.....user supplied pics no longer available. Just static picture of the sun. Why was that done?? Fantastic

Nice but uses way too much data and the widget doesn't seem to update now either. Well done!!

Its a great app very helpful but unfortanetly doesint update and can not get warning notifications and or updates on the weather situations Fantastic

Love this app but can you add an going temperature for my favorite in my phones top status bar please! Great!

Latest version clips content for the 4 x 1 widget so that the contents is partially hidden on a Samsung galaxy s7 Well done!!

It's one of the better, more accurate apps around. I find only one problem with it which is when you check weather in a location other than your own, it's hard / impossible, to delete the other locations which you don't need and that's annoying. Worth it!

My 30 year old son put this app on my phone about 3 years ago. He recommended it for me Enjoy it!

Weatherzone is the most Accurate weather app available for Australia, as the data comes straight from BOM. The layout and graphics are amazing. The Radar is the best feature & is better than any other app or mobile site ! Spending a very small amount each year, makes the app ad free and gives you a faster and easier to view experience. All my friends & family rely so much this app for work or just general safety, as Qld Storms can be so crazy ! Not bad

None of the information is ever right. It's all over the place. I can't rely on the forcast and it only updates randomly, sometimes half hourly. Not good enough for bureau of meteorology. Marvelous

Sehr gut. Regelmäßig Updates und vorhersagen Stimmen auch. Ich kanns nur empfehlen. Hab die app nun seit zwei Monaten. Cool

Latest update changed formatting with the widgets and now temps on right hand side wrap text, with the degrees indicator ending up on the next line. Works perfectly

Counter to some of the negative comments here I am seriously impressed with the update. There is so much weather data and tools available and fairly intuitive - freaked me out at first but then realised how easily accessible so much weather info was. Very well thought out app well done. I guess some folks don't like change or didn't take the time to get the hang of the new interface before writing their review Pretty good

Suddenly uses the battery to excess after an update. 40% on a days use from this app alone. Phone feels warm all the time. Stop the program and phone behaves as it should. Disappointing as the widget and the radar are great. Surprisingly

Loved it until the recent update. Can't quite describe what changed but I just don't like it as much now Fantastic

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