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I love Lil BUB and her owner's commitment to animal charities. App itself is fine and user friendly, but forecasts and/or current temps are wildly off the mark, even when GPS is enabled. Won't stop me from using it -- I check multiple weather apps anyway. ;) Cool

Love the cats. Only drawback for me is that it only opens straight up. Doesn`t turn sideways. Surprisingly

Even though I have weather on my homescreen already I still use this app to check the weather in my area. It's always accurate and seeing Bub's face always makes my day a little brighter! Well done!!

I love Weather Bub! It has everything I'm looking for in a weather app: current temps, forecasts, ten day outlook, radar and more. It's also awesome because Bub is adorable. Highly Recommend.

The weather is as accurate as can be expected, the interface is easy to use, and I get to check the weather by asking Lil BUB. What's not to love? Just wow

I love this app! Not only is the weather correct, how can you not love that adorable face! Works perfectly

Lil bub's is really the best way to hear it's gonna rain for a week, I've never been happier to look at NJ's awful weather Works perfectly

It's weather plus LIL BUB. Yes, I upgraded to get the extra photos. And the weather includes the hourly forecast, radar, and sunrise/sunset info. I also use it as a world clock plus LIL BUB. I put in the cities where my family members live, and a quick swipe tells me their time as well as giving me another LIL BUB pic. Maybe not the most efficient, but it's damn cute. GOOD JOB, BUB! Perfect

I've uninstalled all other weather apps! Lil Bub is incredibly accurate - even more than my local app! Superb!

Quick swipe changes from one city to another. All the weather info and as accurate as any other app. Plus it's Lil Bub! Worth a go!

This my first cell phone at age 75 still learning it. my daughter put LIl BUB on and i fell in love, had her show me bubs story BuB puts a smile on my face every time thax for making this . Perfect


I just like Bub. I need to know the temp and the outlook. If I want pollen count and whatever else, I can listen to the news, but no one can out-cute Lil Bub. Must have

Bub is the sweetest. I love her. Also it does the weather close enough to accommodate the weirdly small town I live in. Well done!!

Great accurate weather forecasts as they happen and days ahead. Plus the bonus of the super awesome hero that is Lil Bub. Love her! Awesome

The best weather app I have used. Accurate. I love Bub and what her and her human Dad do to help animals in need. This is the only weather app I use now. I have told family and friends how great this app is! Go well

BUB is the cutest! App is updated with new pictures so there's new cute faces to adore. I've always relied on weatherunderground, so it's the best of both worlds! Amazing!

This app I great! It has adorable pictures of Bub, and it offers a comprehensive hour to hour weather report. Just wow

Super awesome! Love Lil Bub :) app sometimes has trouble refreshing but that may just be my interest signal, not sure Flawless

It's a very lovely app, and it is so nice to see little bub's face every time I open it! I would love a widget option for android! Well done!!

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