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Just a few days in my phone,, but impressed by its performance and reliability. Doesn't take much memory from my phone. We will see, but so far, so good Worth it!

I've used several weather apps, I've haven't been here to long but so far I think it's great. Must have

Love this application. The best one I have found. Very easy to use and understand. Great job

This is one of or the best weather app I have ever used. It is almost accurate to the hour with rain and winds etc. A well made app and well looked after by the developers. I will be getting the paid version today with no Ads. Well worth downloading and use it for a week Fabulous!

Does what it says on the box. Quick to load. It is clear so easy to understand. Not drowning in ads. I like it. Superb!

This app is the best one. It show you what time is it it get it rain. Show you 14 days. Cool

Contained an add to install what turned out to be a launcher that took over. I went to the settings menu and uninstalled the launcher. The weather app itself seems to be decent. Not bad

Once I put some time I to the app. To figure all it has I'm sure it will be greater Great!

Very nice, very clear. I especially like the temperature graphing feature when the phone is turned sideways. 5 star

Absolutely perfect weather app. It shows the accurate weather condition. And also it shows the sunrise and sunset time. So a big Just wow

I love this app I like the setup and it has all the information you need for a complete weather forecast Well done!!

Very good earlier you were providing a 14 day animated precipitation map but now you are giving it for just a few days. Please get back to your 14 day maps as i know it is very hard to be accurate but still the suspense is always there. Muito bom!

Its a great app, love how far it goes out to let u kno what da weather is going to b for 2wks Recommend

Informative details excellent. I`d love to see actual records versus forcast ones on the lapsed time of (today's) numbers Marvelous

Absolutely excellent weather app. I just downloaded it and i am very impressed. I must have downloaded 20 weather apps which basically are useless, this Weather 14 day's is very accurate, I love it. Thank you developer's for making this awesome app. Flawless

Everything you want for weather information. I like that it doesn't eat up your battery life. Flawless

Great weather app. I love the fact that it has daily expected rainfall totals for the next 14 days and that the amounts are frequently updated. Great job

To many intrusive and annoying ads. Even when told they will not show anymore they will come right back. Thats why the 3. Worth it!

The previous format showing the detailed forecast vertically was better. Now you can't see the days of the week Omg

Apart from the probability of precipitation, I also want to see the probable AMOUNT of precipitation. This app shows it. Example: there is a 80% chance of precipitation but the precipitation will only be 0.01 inches. Then why should I bother to carry an umbrella?. Flawless

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