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Works very well. Battery life good. App problem seems to be with modern day smart phones and not the app. Need to uninstall and reinstall app every morning to get correct operation. I suspect smart phone maintenance/cleaning systems corrupting app connecting and data transfer. Reinstalling a nuisance but hardly a big issue for the benefits gained from the unit Highly Recommend.

We bought bands that measured certain things. First warch quit displaying on the app and took 2 days of uninstalling and deleting phone data to get it to work. This am woke to it not having read anything since 2100. I have uninstalled reinstalled and cleared phone data. The only thing it measured was my sleep and that is only the 2nd time since i got this a month ago that the sleep monitor worked. Fix your app! Cool

The c1 band seller told me to set the Bluetooth setting forget device (in my case - unpair) then, try connecting the device from apps, then only the apps works properly. I dont know how it is related to, but it works for me. Works great

I love that it actually records all the data my smartwatch gathers, especially BP, yet, to seriously improve, it needs to either be able to sync all it's data, including, BP data to, Google Fit, Samsung health, FitnessSyncer, Dropbox or other common syncer/storage app/cloud,; or have the ability to export all it's data in a format that can be imported to any of the above apps. Being able to save/share screen shots, just isn't enough. Good

The step count is liberal and I have it set to get hourly readings, but it doesn't do that. Otherwise it's ok. Fabulous!

The app does sleep data very poorly. I got 7 hours but the app says I got 1.5 hrs. I woke to potty 2x it got that right. The other data seems correct, so far. I have a new F1, does 2.0 work with it? Who knows? The programmers do not interact with owners. Company has no customer interaction. Oh, the update to wearfit does basically kills it. So, don't apply the update until they fix it. The device has lots of potential. Surprisingly

It's been fine for the last 6 weeks, but now my F1 watch won't connect properly. The data's recording on my watch, but it's not uploading to my phone. Tried the Wearfit 2.0 app and it's just not connecting with that either. Trying a full uninstall/reinstall to see if that will fix things. Edit: Just tried deleting the watch's data and bingo! It connects again! So you have to erase the phone data every month in order to maintain connection. Additional:. A few months later and data's not transferring to my phone. It still sends messages to my watch, but watch data isn't going to my phone. Have tried a full uninstall/reinstall, but no change. I can do a one off measurement, which does transfer over, but it won't do a continuous reading. Pretty good

i got this to monitor heart rate ,blood pressure, and spo2... it does exactly what I wanted it for. my blood pressure and all other reading are correct. i checked at the doctors office to make sure it was accurate. Cool

Please fix the issue that it freezes when trying to export the data, then I can reevaluate the app. Thanks. G Muito bom!

Just switched to a F1 fitness monitor from an Amazon seller with Prime availability and my unit arrived in 4 days. Used to have a Heyband, which I waited for over a month while it was shipped from Shenzhen China. They both do the same thing and have similar problems with lousy apps, but both are fairly good for basic purposes but not in the same league as a quality "Fitbit ". Don't expect to get the same results from a $20 unit as one costing over $80. That said, mine works well for me as I need to keep a close eye on my pulse oxygen levels to avoid hyperventilating. The BP is a bit questionable as it doesn't work by the usual method, but it is usually not more than a few points off my automatic one. Otherwise, it is what it is. Needs work on the app such as the ability to export csv files and adjust the sleep start /stop times, clear the incorrect data and start over for the steps and hours slept, and change how long it displays info about calls and texts. Otherwise it is not too bad. If only the developers gave a rats behind about it like the Heyband crew. Marvelous

I cannot get the app to work in Run mode, when i click the run button the screen goes black and freezes the app. The sleep monitoring is weird, recorded fine once and then somehow recorded me having minus 1hr 49min light sleep!! How is that possible! PLEASE FIX THE RUN ISSUE I BOUGHT MY SMART WATCH FOR RUNNING AND THIS FUNC. DOES NOT WORK!! The hr monitor seems a bit dubious too, 43bpm is a bit low for me, normal is about 80 for me- a glitch maybe, only happened once or twice. Worth it!

Please add option to show time in 12 hours format, and also option to hide the persistent notification icon. Feel annoying with that icon. Worth it!

Love this app. Accurate to within 3-5 pts against my bp or O2 monitors. Most problems others are having due watch being bluetooth. As phone and watch separate bluetooth connection is lost. However data is still stored on watch and readings still continue. Turning off watch and turning back on followed by relinking both solves all the issues. To syn simply pull down screen on phone from the top and all data is synced to phone. After 5 days of wearing my watch I have only lost one data reading out of a total of 120 (24 readings x 5 days). Have C1 watch. Be sure your watch uses the WearFit app and not other apps. The WearFit is not used by all watches. Marvelous

So far so good, syncing and am impressed, lots of people moaning about the free app, these bands are cheap but work. Spend shed loads on an iwatch or Sgear if you want more features/cv's etc. Superb!

This doesn't track sleep! I'm very frustrated with its inaccuracy! The other functions seem to work fine. Marvelous

Better than I expected from these reviews. Rough around the edges but does the job. Must have

It's an Android app, so it would be nice if it could connect with Google Fit. Sadly it doesn't. Perfect

Отличное приложение но пожалуста добавти руский язык и другие языки Спасибо Worth it!

Seems to be good, but can't contact app developers for help. Wanted to change time to display regular time instead of military time. Doesn't seem possible. Any suggestions? Must have

Very good app I am impressed by the automatic hourly reporting of pulse, blood pressure and blood oxygenation levels. Also reports data directly to Google Fit. Fabulous!

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