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Such an amazingly, transcendentally, unlawfully great game! Excellent visuals, music and SFX, of course, but the crème de la crème is how mindblowingly hilarious it actually is, while at the same time realistically striking at the very heart of a number of contemporary mass schizophrenias. Brutally, with a Douglas-Adams-like unerring precision at that. Flawless

Good game but it's spoiled by bugs. Only able to accept about ten percent of rewards as it won't accept the input when clicking yes. Otherwise very good time waster. Have edited the review and removed a star due to the fact the game is constantly spamming me to rate the game despite already doing so. Fabulous!

It's so addicting! Who would ever say.. "Ohh, I think we should make a game about being the illuminati and controlling the world!" Who knew such a weird game could be fun? Great job

Game is good, very addicting. But I think there should be more to it, like at the end it would say like "you took over the world" or some junk like that. Enjoy it!

This game inspires world affairs and alike. The beauty and conspiracies it features makes you feel like a one true illuminati. Perfect for time-killing and for satisfying your secret endeavors. Perfect!

It gets boring after a while, I don't mean anything against the devs, that's just the nature of clicker games love it

It's good. BTW ILLUMINATI IS GREEN. But its a fine caplisim game. Lackeys. = adcap angels! Yeah. But I give it 8\10 8 for being and idea of the ILLUMINATI and making it a fine capitalism game. But Lackeys are like angels from adventure caplist. Anyeays Thank You. Bye Surprisingly

Pretty fun game. However, I get this glitch a lot where no matter where I tap on the game, it always registers my tap on the upper-left corner, aka the settings button. This glitch makes the game UNPLAYABLE for me, as the only thing I can do is tap the settings button! Great!

Love this game! My only recommendation is that you add an option to turn off graphics. Because once you get to a high rank, the game becomes incredibly laggy. I would assume that this is because everything is animated! But all in all, I love it, and I hope that you keep updating this! 5 star

Alright, this game is great, and I'm not one to complain about ads because everyone needs a bit of revenue, but there are so many ads that it crashed my phone, and I have a flagship. I'm just saying, but cut back the ads a little, maybe one per 24 clicks, not ten for one click please. Not bad

Keeps me busy when I'm not doing anything else. Ads pop up often but doesn't bother me. Perfect

Best. Game. EVER! You definitely should download it because its a very good game. Graphics and gameplay is sweet and what I loved most was you could reset your points and stuff (Which leads you to a better start). You never get bored that way. You can play it whenever you get bored and it has a lot of jokes. People who say things like "omg so many adds. uninstalled" are a bunch of idiots. If you don't want to see ads you can just pay not to see them, creators must make profit since its their job. So, I loved everything about this game. You MUST download it! Works great

If it didn't bug me to rate it every time, it would have gotten at least 4 stars. Edit: It's still bugging me to rate it even though I have. wow lol

This is a decent game, however don't expect too much out of it. I managed to get everything that you can accomplish in the game done in 3 days, and I wasn't even playing it a lot. It's fun and a creative idea. My biggest complaint is how many ads there are in the game. Fantastic

I would have given this 5 star overall but took 1 star away for the sheer amount of ads you get. You have plenty of opportunity to watch a video to earn a bonus but the developer has added random video ads when you try and access a menu function. Played for 10 minutes and saw probably about 20 ads without wanting to. I removed a second star as some of the ads redirect you automatically to the Google play store after finishing. Superb!

The game itself would be 5 stars. The issue is, often, when I choose "yes" to watch an ad (such as to double my people from my time away, double my people for 4 hours, or get more lackeys on a conversion) it does nothing, forcing me to say no. This is making you lose money, and making at least one user frustrated at the around half of the time's failure to work. Highly Recommend.

Keeps exiting Everytime an ad shows up it likes to exit the game when I try to go back to the game which then makes it so I don't get the perk that I clicked the ad for in the first place. So stupid. Fix for 5 stars. Amazing!

It's a good idea but I find it rather boring. You just sit around waiting to collect money to buy another level essentially. I've uninstalled it. Omg

I enjoy playing some clicker games and this one is one of the best ones from what I played. It's fun and the side effects may include Paranoia haha! Amazing!

This is like the illuminate version of cookie clicker, illuminate clicker!!! And the little mascot reminds me of Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls. Overall the game is adorable, i've had this game for less than an hour and I'm already addicted!!! ❤❤❤ Just wow

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