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Wish there was a little more of a way to slow down and move more easily. Kinda hard to move from one side to the other Just wow

The game is alright to play but I am not able to do the special levels. It will be between the times it says but I still can't access them because the app says it isn't time. Why is this? What exact times can I play? I wish things were easier to control and things weren't as expensive because you work your butt off and even if you do there isn't enough Great job

I think it was good if u were looking for this sort of thing... It says vr, but it isn't Highly Recommend.

I used to play an older version of this on gen 3 iTouch, this is amazing! Yaaaaay Works great

I have installed this game and played. Very nice to play and happy to ride in water slides. I am amazed " WOW what a game sooooo lovely it is ". But it is tooooo fast. One thing I want to know about how to control the speed Go well

I loved it, it made me feel comfortable but it's hard to control and i got this game to yest out before my birthday next thursday but i still loved it. Worth a go!

I th think that it is fun to play because I've played it on a tablet before and it is well amazing! Must have

Didn't think I would like this but I actually really enjoy it. I would rate 5 stars but past 2 day I can't play the special levels despite being there at the right time Well done!!

It is a really daring and appealing game and I would recommend it to all ages Enjoy it!

Love this game just add multiplayer mode other wise its great .this game is as same as temple run Pretty good

Jm Awesome I want to thank who had made this game. I also want all the people to download this game. Worth it!

The best game I have ever played in my life. I wish I could try it with the virtual reality glasses, but unfortunately I haven't been able to afford getting them. Maybe someday soon. But if it's this awesome without the VR, I can't imagine what it will be like with the virtual reality. Probably mind - blowing! Fabulous!

Amazing but on lvl 10 on the scream it has a ! for some reason. But then a mask come on the scream and it has lasers! Cool that was cool it gives me a jump when it camed on! Works perfectly

Amazing game defiantly good for younger children. Only small problem.. the tilt thing is hard to control so maybe put something else there for u to turn with? Amazing 5 stars!!! Perfect!

I loved it controls graphics and other things and work great. I love how many coins you get in one run!!! I would recommend it to any water slide lover!!! Well done!!

It's hard to control and keep falling off the slide. I'll give it some time and see if with practice the controls get easier to work with....if not.....sorry Charlie, but it gots to go. Flawless

The game is very nice, my little daughter enjoys a lot. Just one problem, it doesn't turn as swiftly as needed Worth a go!

Fun,but hard to control It's easy to play but hard to control.It can be challenging at times but really fun. Recommend

i like it but for controls all you can do i s tilt your phone so i rate it four stars Awesome

This is great! It it very fun - don't listen to anyone that is saying the game is bad. You can even change from 1st to 3rd person point of veiw! :D wow lol

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