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Love this game! Highly addictive. Been playing for well over a year. Always events running to keep you going and the devs listen to the players, reply to messages and try to fix any issues. My only complaints are when switching crystals on our dragons we get a bit of lag and that the devs could do with advertising a little to get some new players in as most worlds are filled with long time players so we're constantly fighting the same wars with the same allys. Other than that, great game and good fun. Cool

I hope u can put button to open all low level egg, so boring to open 1 by 1 take to much time. Will give it 5 star game play if u do it. Ty! Works perfectly

Ok for all the crybabies whining that this is a good game but there's people spending hundreds of dollars every couple days so they ruin it, I got into this after playing stormfall rise of balurfor over a year. Who cares if other people spend hundreds to get in the top rankings, I spend 25 to 50 a month and have a blast. There's no sniveling in stormfall and i find nothing wrong with it even though I get prayed upon by overpowering overlords in this game too. Play it for yourself not recognition (slap) Good

Still having problems of getting booted from game when I open the chat function. Other than that the game is ok. It's not as much fun on the higher levels as it was just starting out. Worth a go!

Very adictive game, could be different prizes on the missions ie solo team etc , and the free spins same usual giveaways, hard to get the items you need to level up. Plus it's mainly set for the American market as all the wvw missions etc start on American timings , usually middle of the night for us Brits , would be nice to change the times more, apart from that like I said very adictive Worth it!

This is by far the Best I have seen. Detail, graphics, genre, music could do with an upgrade, more drums and bugle type theme. All in all, the Wheel of Fortune does change occasionally and prizes from daily gift could use more higher grade gifts. Great job Dees. Surprisingly

Great game. Only one I play now. Stopped playing all those others games on facebook Must have

I actually love the hame. Its addictive and fun but it seems if you don't pay for gems you can't suceed. Everything that happens in this game seems to revolve around profit for the developers. It's not really free to play, it's free to have an account. Pretty good

I love this game Bt the only issue is after the update it's not working properly plz rectify dis problem of the message showing network error while logging in even wen der is full network. . And it keeps booting me wen I go in the Account chat or World chat Perfect!

Could use a few changes that have been recommended by the players but otherwise it is a good game and fun to play 5 star

Better if you remove all small dead castle, map is to crowded. And give a button to open all egg to max capacity, to bored when open egg one by one. Other is good :) love it

I have tried to play this game several times, but I am not sure if I can keep going. I understand the devs need to make money, but seriously there are way too many people willing to drop $100 and more every couple days to stay big. Just put in the description "for people that don't have any good use for their cash" already.. I would spend a small sum if I thought it would do me any good but it won't with that going on. Works perfectly

A fun time suck It's obvious that the developers are not English speaking from the grammar but this game is one that can actually be played for free. Not bad

Decent gameplay and strategy, it's fun. It's been a pretty good game so far, but about 6 or 7 weeks ago I made a purchase for $4.99 and it didn't go through, it just happened again and they haven't even corrected the first error! Not happy with the gem purchase error again! -_- besides this it's fun. Fabulous!

So good! Thank you developers for this amazing app. I didn’t know that my phone can be so could. I runs smoothly on my Nexus4. Up until now I thought having a nexus there is no point in using a different laucher. But this is actually BETTER THEN THE ORIGINAL ANDROID UI. Not bad

Have fun This game is much like so many other games in this genre. It doesn't do a whole lot to distinguish itself from the rest. You Can grow very quickly and the level bonuses help out tremendously. Perfect

Developers are Dirty! Like the game well enough, but developers offer in-game promotions and then find excuses not to honour them. And unless you are able to spend thousands of dollars, forget ever doing well. love it

War of Thrones Cannot play anymore because the game is trying to force me to waste a power up. The only way to move forward in the game is to use it. Even after the timer reaches 0 Marvelous

Connection issues Great game but the devs need to sort the connection issues. Also after the last world war, we had to wait until a RSS collection event was started until the gem tiles appeared which is ridiculous. Sort it out devs! Great job

I love the game So this is a great game yes it has it flaws but always seem to get fixed eventually I can at least tell they try and btw if your world does not have dragons it's to easy to move to a world with them. Some people would rather not play with them. Recommend

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