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The game uninstalled itself and i have my player id but i cant get my account back if someone knows if i can get my account back with my player id let me know Not bad

The game is not as interesting as it once was. Although they give you jewels now, you still need to spend real money if you want the good cards. Won't say it's a bad game but damn. It is so slow!! Superb!

Good game to play but hard to migrate between devices. Can't retrieve ateam id from email, fb, or Twitter logins. Would love it if I could log in on my new phone. Cool

Game is good but we been having problems to login in. All from our guild can't in at our last battle today I got three account and I have the same problem 2 on Android and 1 on IOS. We tink a compensation for that lost will be good. We lost because we cam t join just 1 member from our guild can't join please. Try to fix out that problem glitch or bug. Thank you. Marvelous

Better than juat moving virtual cards around. Requires interaction with various activities to keep the pace up. New stuff on a regular basis. I've been playing over 2 years now. Try it out, join a guild and give them my code number. Surprisingly

it's becoming repetitive they say new missions are coming soon but it seems like it has said that for at least a year now I think the devs have given up on the game Worth it!

Continuous transmission fails during Clan battles the developer will not fix this all they could tell me is my phone is not compatible and I have the email to prove it Highly Recommend.

Good fun! Events are fun and frequent. Ample amount of play time. Battles don't crash or freeze, the game is excellent. Guilds are ready to help new players 5 star

I love the variation in Warrior races and Monster species, and all the different options for building a formation. Just wow

Mevion summons suck now. They changed it, makes it very expensive to play... considering quitting Superb!

Most fun when playing together with a guild. Events are repetitive and game over the years is still plagued with bugs like transmission errors, connection errors and network lag that are not experienced from other mobile co-op games. Definitely pay-to-win if you want to earn top ranks. Free-to-play can still have fun and compete, just don't expect top rewards. Amazing!

Why can't I buy jewels and I've done exactly what you told me to do. Can anyone help on this matter. Im on andriod Fabulous!

Been playing for a total of 3 years and love it. Always fun to build up your forms and seeing the different stuff they bring out Awesome

awsome pretty cool game just sucks a little the way evolution works its hard for some people to get the same card twice more or less 4 times not cool Just wow

Jonmic GREAT GAME, be careful not to loose you account like I did. Fun to your potions for the events. Go well

Loving it !! Great game I just love playing!! Been playing Dark Summoner also.. These games r great to play.. Give them a try!! 5 star

I happened to start during this crossover event, a horrible experience. After level 100 of the dungeon every click was costing 10-15 AP. After "renting" one of the characters to take along, which promised 70-90 advancement, my AP was burning as quickly. Events are not aimed or balanced for new players to join in for long, meaning they fall way behind instead of catching up to existing players. Pretty good

Absolutly stupid no integrity or honor at all. There mothers must be smiling like a doughnut. Hopefully they get sick! Cool

Good game but overpriced, way to many gems to buy AP and BP potions which you burn thru in 2 or 3 battles, the drop rates for summons is not that good and very very expensive. Overall another money grab game, i can only play mybe 10 mins a day because everything costs gems and you run out of energy and battle potions too quickly, then they want you to buy more. Its very hardto summon gods or legends which you need in the higher ranks. Sorry but unless you have a fat wallet you will be limited. Fantastic

This game is almost impossible for a f2p to get into even if the f2p is a very active player. The trade market is a joke if not nonexistent, and guild battles are too short and laggy to be any fun. Flawless

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