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Sometimes, when you play a drum kit or the pad there were some missing sounds.. Fix it please.. I love this app... Great!

in this newer version of app you have given some amazing things but the plug ins are not loading or showing its freezing too this is the first time this type of behabiour of the app please solve soon possible pleaseee its hurting Worth a go!

Piano worked well but other instruments, ifs just stuck at loading sounds 33%.. Fix it soon.. love it

Very good app now. Very impressive. Hook up to bigger speakers and it will take you back in time.NICE!!! Fabulous!

I very like it but why on my redmi note 3 cant touch 3 fingers when playing piano just 2 fingers Not bad

it's not just to love is a nuke ... Damn App my best android app I can leave without eating but without DSP without phone without Walkband I can't leave . Thank keep upgrading and please give some more plug-ins. .. please and fix the problems and make a WHATS APP GROUP FOR US Works great

This App Has Alright Editing Features But No Real Audio Construction Options.. Must have

I just played with it for a few minutes, and this is one of the coolest apps around. Well done, devs! Highly Recommend.

Wonderful update.. I really appreciate team who work for this software. Thanks for added voice recorder. Though there is a bit unfulfilled thing is direct mp3 using. Please keep in mind for the next update... Not bad

What a great app. Took a while to get used to and the adds quickly annoyed me, but add-removal was very affordable. I am now working through my 5th multi-instrument composition, while before this I have only strummed a guitar as a beginner. I would however like to request one improvement... when I am editing a set of bars way into the piece, I would like the option of previewing from that point, not from the beginning each time. Brilliant

Its the best music app. I tried many apps for making a tune ( I am not a professional) of my own but none of them were useful, only this was and it proved that it is not just for kids that they can play, this app is more than that. Perfect

This app is amazing. It's easy to use and has everything you need and more to create music. I've used many apps before, but this is one blows them all away. Worth a go!

Best music making app on playstore but please give more updates on techno and lead sound plugins. Omg

Very fantastic app i used in android for making music....walking band i loved it. Go well

I have been using the app for almost 2 years now and by time I have loved it so much. I am proud to say that walkband is my favorite smartphone app Well done!!

I love this app its my life. everyday I come here too remake songs from video games. specifically five nights at Freddy's. I even put my songs on my YouTube channel which everyone is starting to love. but I came across a problem the other day. when I went to finish the last part of the song I was making the sounds plugins I use normally werent working. also when I go to record and press record, typically I could drag the little cursor right above the keyboard to the last part that I recorded. now it won't work and the song is 5 minutes long (so far) I'm almost done with it but I can't post the song on my channel without the proper instruments. Somebody please advise and respond to this add soon as you can this app is probably my key to get into music college. please and thank you. Flawless

Amazing app but a problem is the strings are decorated up side down as a result I'm to use another app for playing guitar.Please fix this. Fabulous!

Absolutely amazing. Best app for composing on an android device. Great navigation and features Worth a go!

The app itself ia good BUT what I'm looking is for a piano app who doesn't play 2 notes on a single key(G randomly sounds G#) Great!

Love it , could use more plugins with different types of instrumentation, like the pro's use , sub bass frequency would really set it off!!! Surprisingly

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