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No more missed notifications Installed this because my notifications wouldn't sound off until I unlocked my tablet. Now I get notifications in real time. Thank you!

Works great Had a problem with tune in radio skipping when the screen was off. This solved the problem. Thanks.

Simply Amazing. My phone had a problem of going into a deep sleep and not receiving and push data. This set at unlimited mode has fixed this and is faster when waking since it is not in a deep sleep. This barely affects battery life, which makes it even better. If there was a paid version with auto start after restarting and no ads I would definitely pay for it. Thank you for making this amazing application!

BEST WAKELOCK Tried putting wakelock using tasker but sadly the loop accumulated and it filled up my ram, good thing there's this app, good work!! :)

Works AndrOpen Office is missing wakelock, meaning it stops running without closing files when device sleeps (26feb2014 update: no longer an issue with AndrOpen, but CPU Awake is still fantastic for other apps which are not handling wakelock properly). In addition to my phone and tablets, I also use Android on the desk/laptop (TF701), so this is an issue. --- CPU Awake solved the problem. I can now have a spreadsheet open, make lots of changes, get sidetracked on another project, and then come back to a sleeping TF701 knowing that my work will still be there (well, it has so far! yes, know there is a chance Android OS might kill an app for other reasons than sleep).

Excellent app! Must for people facing deep sleep problems Earlier, I used to face the serious problem of deep sleep, searched a lot and finally found the way...Thumbs up

#sleep-mode Terrific! Does exactly what it says and doesn't drain the battery as much as others. Only 24% drained compared to 64% with WakeLock.

Stefano galaxy! .finally my HTC BUTTERFLY-J quardecore does not make phone screen dark while I'm on a call Not worried about battery have 2 extended. Recommend to install CPU Awake (Wake Lock) APK.

#sleep-mode Almost perfect! Great for users who want to prevent their phone from sleeping or locking (especially if you are locked out of such OS settings by your corporate security software; i.e. BYOD corporate users). Only down side is that it is limited to a maximum of 1 hour per session. Otherwise flawless.

Great!! Update: Although easy to use, and works on my XOOM as opposed to Wake My Android, this app uses more battery than Softlocker (uses 15% of battery compared to 6-9%). This is an awesome app and solves the problem of my Android going into deep sleep mode and not able to wake up. It resolves me of having to force restart it every time and therefore hurting the tablet. If less battery consuming even better! :-)

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