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Okay so I loooveeeee loveee the back ground music please tell me what the name of the song is and I enjoyed the gratis Enjoy it!

It's more immersive with earphones installed, very good, actually makes you feel like you're on a crazy swing, maybe make a more advanced one where you can swing with another cardboard user? Great job

Great ride. Love the urban theme/enviorment... The female in the next seat is a nice touch. Very enjoyable ride. Thanx Superb!

It is amazing and also the best if you were to ask me, I lived I and it surprised me. Once It ends you have to exit the app then go back in to get I to reset. Perfect!

I know it's vr but I had trouble standing after viewing this, it's just like after riding a really intense roller coaster. Pretty good

All of it is awesome but i cant buy it why the button changes shade when i touch it but nothing pops up its just idle and i wanna keep using it... Fix it and take my money Works perfectly

This is the absolute best VR swing available. I've had it a while, and I'm impressed that it's still being updated and improved. My only criticism is that the ads should be left in the free version, and paid editions should be ad free, even if it means upping the price a little. Good

Beautiful graphics and music but is complicated for new vr users having to tell them turn to turn and twist to find the lever but over all pretty good Works great

Not Bad for a Cardboard Compatable App. A lot of fun, and doesn't make you dizzy, display is Great, not grainy like some of the other apps I've come across. Keep up the good work! Brilliant

Preety good Preety good, it makes a good feeling that we are really swinging in the swinger, good music also. It just odd that a game need to know my location, my contact and everything.. So i just gave it 3 stars.. Fabulous!

Awesome Awesome Ride the Giant Swing I didn't know what to expect ,but I have powerful overear sennheiser cup headphones, Sony Bluetooth ones too,Sound is everything in VR and great sound in VR puts U inside the game Top Quality sound immerses your VR world .Especially the swing and rollercoaster apps All VR actually. Great little Gem love it.Make your boat demo into a game, I will buy it asap,with controller for steering. FIBRUM keep them coming. As I am a proud member forever.Playable please You proved you're great animators,Game Time 4 USSR Cool

Awsome Can you make one full game but this won was awsome thanks because my phone down have gyroscope 5 star

Whoa! This was pretty cool! I can't believe it doesn't have better reviews! Im not able to go on a ride like this so this is the next best thing! If u get dizzy easily or if u have verigo I don't recommend this! But it was definitely cool! How do u get the paid version? Thanks! Pretty good

Idk The game looks great but at the start the arrow points to a switch and I'm note sure how to activate it Fabulous!

Pretty good Its pretty good. I had lots of with it i play it every time i am bored. I always crack up when i look at the rag doll girl next to me flopping around Great job

Good I love the animation in the game but I do not have a clue how to start the swing Well done!!

It don't start Half the time it don't start and all if your other games by this company dont start Enjoy it!

Money I loved this game but I've got one question can you remove prices from the game you are the best VR company for Android and by paying it makes the experience worse I mean I love the games but £6 is a bit too much I would give 5 stars but prices ruins it sorry Go well

Love it I adore this 5 star

Was awesome This app was so thrilling. But it stopped working. And I paid for it. It was so awesome for a while. Don't know what happened. 5 star

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