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What do u do about getting a refund this is a joke it's not a all I'm now whirr of money.for a few minutes long video.clip why do you say it's a game ? I want a refund or ill be complaint to Google about this Pretty good

Fibrum subscription ruins experience Other people are complaining about this also. Because its built with Fibrum the trial ends after 3 plays and users are asked to buy the Fibrum license. Please work out how to make this game free without the Fibrum license restriction. The developers of this game can probably not see this because they have a license but users should not be expected to pay for it. EDIT. Awesome thanks for clarifying. I will try this. Superb!

Great!! Even it is not a game,it is better than the other vr apps.FIBRUM is the best VR apps developer. Fabulous!

Cool I like it, great film/game it would be a lot cooler if you could turn it so 4 stars Not bad

Refunded I was very disappointed with this app as the graphics are breathtaking, but after a short teaser and being asked to pay £4.55 for the full version, I realised that this is not a game as, despite the steering being movable by the tilt of your head, it has not overall influence over the direction of the vehicle. This is basically a cinematic experience that lasts about five minutes in its entirety, and therefore doesn't really have any replay value. £4.55 is too high an asking price. Superb!

If you want to impress your friends and family with google cardboard use this app. An epic ride-along water race with a giant sea serpent. What more do you want out of a mobile VR experience? Hands down the most impressive non-interactive VR app on the playstore. 5 star

Great but there's a lot of drift with my Galaxy Note 4 Stock, and does the video is 4k resolution ? because i can see more pixels in the background video than on the cockpit, also how to increase FPS ? o got a lot of framedrops wow lol

Worst I've seen Why the price is not included in the title? Btw stop working 2 of 3. And if you ask why 1 star of 5 because i cant give less . . . 5 star

Restore purchase After the update i cant restorw my purchase... my friends like this one but now i cant play the whole thing because it wont restore purchase

How much data does this app take like 200 I haven't played it yet but looks so cool but if but how much if there's any mix ups please report but you could like can you actually make your own vehicle?

Not a game Just another ride on rails. Not even really a 180 video because the static cockpit takes up most of the view.

Problem I am using a samsung galaxy note 4. Its a great app with very nice graphics but when i wear it to play the screen starts to rotate towards the right side nd dosent stay still no matter how long i play that is a big problem please fix that other than that everything is flawless

Most convincing experience so far Absolutely mind-blowing. This ride along really demonstrates the potential of VR. Fibrum is definitely one to watch.

Great but Please open the cockpit view more and try to not create the same exact experience over and over. Also the scale of the body is funny. The arms look like twigs. Other than that I'm glad you're utilizing prerendered video. Most phones can't handle everything being rendered in 3D on the phone. It's a much better and realistic experience with better graphics and frame rates. I would love if you guys could think of other experiences though. I would love an escape from dinosaurs. There are no proper dino apps.

Fantastic App. Brilliant I had a blast with Aquadrome Vr. Worked great with my ZenFone 2. The graphics were excellent. It felt very immersive and enjoyed every minute of it. Great job, Fibrum. Keep it up with more great apps like this one.

MY first GC Wow moments. Best. Download loads of VR apps, all very nice, I thought that was all Google Cardboard had to offer. Still got a smile on my face now as I type this after just trying Aquadrome on a cardboard V1 kit. The cockpit gave me my first ever genuinely immersed VR moment ever. I am a 45 yr old tech lover so thank you for that. For a moment I thought I was going to simply watching a flat screen movie. oh no, although obviously on a rail after I lost myself countless times and many more verbal "Wow."s just fantastic.

Best fibrum experience so far! Took me a while to find the lever on the right because the cockpit is so dark [note to devs: highlight the lever please], but once it starts it's amazing! You can't really control the boat, but you are taken on a water ride unlike anything you've ever seen. Highly recommend getting this!

My GOD that was brilliant! Even without a gyroscope it was awesome! Excellent graphics, sound music, action and thrills plus the head tracking works! Maybe a bit laggy but the best experience and realistic enough to totally enjoy on Asus phone 5"

Bit rough The video looks really bad next to the crisp cockpit. Underwater section was better. I see what your trying to do with these new cockpit demos but a side window or something would help with the experience. Next time more snake monster

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