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I love the app, but too many login issues.. Not able to login from my phone. Keep telling me my password is incorrect and I can't find a place to reset it Worth a go!

Been happy with PIA after a few months using. The app is simple, just an on/off toggle, which is exactly what I wanted. I don't even have to go into the app because they have a notification shade toggle. Speeds are good with many potential countries. The only time speeds reduce is because Comcast public WiFi seems to throttle VPN traffic. Overall highly recommend. Not bad

The only thing missing is number of days left on your account. Other than that perfect. Surprisingly

The VPN part works fine now that the crashing issue is gone, but PIA Mace no longer works. I use it to avoid redirects and other ads and now it does nothing. Recommend

Hey PIA, thanks for an excellent app! I need to add a phone to my existing account, can you reply with the solution for that? Not bad

Works grate as a vpn but uses 50% of my battery between charges to run on a s7 edge Good

PIA offers one of the best prices for VPN service. As for the app: the only thing I don't like is the internal browser: I dont like the top banner to install the PIA VPN app - which I'm using to view the page... Yeah, maybe just remove the browser. Enjoy it!

PIA has the very best of VPN service to offer imo. A shout out to the devs who fixed the 4G/wifi switching bug that i mentioned right here, in a day or 2. That's the right kind of insane. Recommend

Give us a long press or 3d touch to disconnect. There is only an option to connect, but it's not convenient to disconnect. Fantastic

The latest virsion does have improvements on keeping the connection alive. The previous version stoped randomly and needed to be restarted once in a while. Let's see how this version behaves. Flawless

Thank you for addressing the disconnecting issue. I updated my review. However, battery drain on Oreo is immense, can you please address that as well? Superb!

Edit... S8 connections problems fixed in latest update. Thankyou pia app team Latest update broken S8+. Upon internet connection, the app appears to connect, but actually discomnects until app opened and manually started. Good

Been using for a while now on multiple devices. Love it! The newest version doesn't work well with Amazon Fire TV though, have to use a previous version. Would be great if future versions were more compatible. Amazing!

It was ok, now it crashes constantly after the software was updated to the new look. Connections are slow and sometime just stop working. I'm thinking of switching to another service before my subscription renews in a couple of weeks.i reverted to an older version until then. Worth it!

Use your brain. There watching weather there good or bad. This way they can't see. Works perfectly

Is it possible to make one friendly to android tv and not have the main window show on boot up Otherwise works well Cool

The app was working fine until recently it will not connect. On my iPhone it will not connect when I am on WiFi and now on my tablet it will also not connect at all. Pretty good

Unfortunately, I've recently been experiencing random disconnects when using the Chicago server. Occasionally (and by that I mean far more frequently than I'd like to), I'll notice that the VPN isn't connected/has dropped. I really like your service, but I can't give you five stars until this issue is fixed. Perfect

Not gonna lie, but the prior updates were just bogus. Why were features taken away? I don't know. Thank god everything is back and functioning again! Perfect!

The absolute best VPN out there. Only one worth the money and very cheap compared to others. Have it on all my devices and works flawlessly. Highly Recommend.

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