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In the hidden object games some items are right on the edge. Works great

.... So Skelton Keyish! Enjoying this game very much being of the Creole Ancestry... definitely the sound effects and all get's a bravo from me... Lengthen the playing time to the end would be very FAB so for now I give 4 stars. Potions, Spells, Play by Candlelight Oh My, GOOD STUFF. Playing on Samsung Galaxy Note II ....defunt soit dans le cerfueil. "Never wear mourning before the dead man's in his coffin.". Recommend to get Voodoo Whisperer CE APK.

#killing-time Fun! Good fun, except the pattern assembly puzzles not designed well. No tie together and not enough space to work in. Great graphics, nice progressive story. Puzzles repeat but not exhaustively. Looking forward to p2

Unique and interesting! More than a HOG. You make things and gain spells too. Interesting story. Object dispersion and collection is better tied to the story progression, than in many other games. Fun game so far.. Recommend to get Voodoo Whisperer CE APK.

Tab user! So far it's OK but the hint drains even just to point out of an area... and it take quite long to load a new scene.. still enjoying mixing potions and doing spells... Recommend to take Voodoo Whisperer CE APK.

#finding-stuff Voodoo... I want part 2! Fun amazingly thought out game! Not ur regular strategy/hidden object game! Can't wait for the sequel...

Great but.....! Love the game, sharp graphics, interesting locations and puzzles. However....writing is VERY small even on my Infinity tablet with reading glasses AND a magnifying glass. Shame its great apart from that please fix if possible.

Voodoo Whisperer CE! Enjoyed this game very much. Not too easy, but not too difficult either. Fun and entertaining. The mini games were very interesting none that I'd seen before for some. Waiting for part 2!

#puzzle-solving Fantastic !!! Awesome graphics great storey its a great play love it I would of rated it 5stars but I found the only fault the game has is very small writeing its very hard to read. Please make writeing readable and it would be perfect. But great game overall

#big-fish Fun!!! Great game, entertaining! Not good to play on phone.. FANTASTIC on my tablet!! Keep em coming!

Good game! I really like the game but every time I try to buy it, it keeps saying "game not available for purchase"! I dont know what the heck is wrong.

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