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It does exactly what it describes music is much louder from my phone. great for low sound music videos on YouTube and easy to use thank you Well done!!

The best volume and the best sound good for me and my tablet so I will let the program and make sure it does not go the way it's supposed to go and make sure this is working out for me. Recommend

Omg it works finally I can listen to music loudly and block out everything thank you for making this app I have been waiting for an app like this for a while now I'm very satisfied with the app you must get it it's wonderful it may not work with all phones because all phones are different Good

Fantastic. Thank you so much. My new Leophile headphones had just gone quiet; they were not much better than useless ... and this app has fixed them. Great! Works perfectly

Even when i turn this all the way up, it has no affect on videos. Their volume is way way too low when I listen without ear plugs or head phones. Disappointing. Great!

Tha damn app works I don't use it for downloading music but hell yeah it my my music loader Marvelous

Can you fix the problem of this app and always always not work will, somtime the sound is wowie, during i use this app. Volume booste. Perfect

I love the boosted volume with this app. However when I have the bass boosted higher I can hear less vocals and instrumentals which is fine by me as I use the built in sound equalizer on my Samsung Galaxy A5 (on phone settings). Using other equalizer apps won't work while this is active as it lowers the volume. Superb!

I work good for about a min and a half the turns itself down. Never ends. Very frustrating Superb!

I was always fed up with the low volume of my phone. I am glad I found an app that actually works! Just wow

This is the first sound amplifier app that actually works!! Would recommend! Marvelous

It works! Makes my weak headphones loud enough on Galaxy S8+. Two other loudness booster apps did not. This one worked perfectly. Great!

Wanted amazon prime volume boosted on samsung galaxy s7. This worked immediately... brill! I avoided others which had high ratings but then when I went to read ratings there were a lot of people stating they can't understand the high rating, blah-blah. Anyway I'll be sticking with this app for volume boosting unless it stops working. wow lol

The higher the value of boost the more you can hear the sound compression, but it's good for a little extra volume Highly Recommend.

Does what it claims. Worked well in boosting the sound for my samsung galaxy. Docked a star only because the app tends to shut itself down if your phone has low memory or if you run another program that drains memory. Otherwise a great tool. Great work guys. Works perfectly

I'm like many people tried so many of these apps but this is the best by far I listen to my music on blue dio head phones very good sound Great!

It really does boost your sound however it doesn't stay active for long unless you keep it on split screen and sometimes you have to readjust it... Awesome

Does Exactly what it says it "Boosts Volume". And it has a great boost range. I've downloaded a lot of Volume boosts apps only to be disappointed and I always come back to this one"! Can go wrong with Aliens! Omg

Best one I've found yet, out of about 10 so far !!! Thanks for making my music more enjoyable Worth a go!

Works well. I use AKG headphones which are louder than most in their price range, and only really need to boost the volume between 100 and 200 with this booster. At that level there is no distortion at all, and my music is at just the right volume. Amazing!

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