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Pop up to rate app five stars comes up every time you switch from normal to max and vice versa. How f__ing annoying. Just lost two stars from me!! Brilliant

Great app. For what a small device couldn't be happier. Well i could be if my wife would stop nagging for me to turn it down. . . . Marvelous

Well I have been looking for a volume booster for over a week and have not found one that works. Until then I will not be satisfied Good

Holy shiit i love it so much, I can blast kpop even louder after skool and annoy everyone Amazing!

Just started using the app yesterday but it seems to work as advertised. I haven't got to try any of the fine tuning but the boost I get from the speakers of my Note8 is impressive. Also works well with my bluetooth speakers. Final thought would be that there are no ads and no part of the app seems to be trying to take my phone over or sell me anything. Amazing!

I was ready to buy a new yo fix my low volume on calls. Like that the changes stay on even after you restart the phone. Fabulous!

For someone who's deaf, and/or Hard of hearing, like myself, I feel like, that the Max feature button on this app, needs to be louder. Then be able to adjust the volume to the person's perefence, or desired level of comfort. Otherwise it's a great app. Must have

I doesn't do much for my headphones but it turns my car stereo into a super sound system.I dont know why that is but no difference for phone but car epic,so for phone i give it 1 star but car a 5 star if that's any help for who ever interested in this app but good thing about this app you can combine other booster apps with it to get the boost and sound that you are looking for. Enjoy it!

Give ppl chance to use the app before asking them to rate it. How can i rate an app when I am still learning how to use it? Please use common sense guys. U can check the number of times one opens the app - like a count. Awesome

It boosted it a little we'll see if it improves after I give a rating. Ya never know. It's pretty good, nice bass boost though. Well done!!

So far cant tell a difference. With my headphones that is. Try it on the wall shaking stero tomorrow Flawless

I was sceptical, however I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the app and with a single tap the volume was indeed BOOSTED! It works with Bluetooth headset as well. Cool

My new phone has very low volume and I missed a lot of calls. Volume Booster has been a life saver. Highly Recommend.

Only really possible nit-picky complaint is asking me to rate Five Stars and no equalizer but that's what other apps are for this one does not advertise itself as an equalizer Works perfectly

My Pixel XL is pretty loud. Haven't uninstalled on new phone to see how it's going effect volume. 5 star

I dont know much about these apps i just want someing to make my phone sound beast and my jbl wirless head phones so i can block bus nosies like no talking lol Perfect!

Im a music creep, always on the go and this defo does give your phone a boost, some people like myself expect a massive diffetent, its the best one ive tried. Worth it!

I was skeptical at first. This app did boost my sound on my S8+! Love it. Thanks! 5 star

I clicked install. It popped up. I maxed the volume on the very simple interface. Boom I can hear my music now while I'm in the kitchen. Everybody should have this. Marvelous

I'm on a Verizon Note 8 and this boosts volume noticeably with both the phone's internal speaker and studio-grade Sennheiser headphones. 100% would recommend. Marvelous

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